COMICS: Geoff Johns On The Difference Between JUSTICE LEAGUE And JLA

COMICS: Geoff Johns On The Difference Between JUSTICE LEAGUE And JLA

Geoff Johns writer of DC Comics' Justice League and the forthcoming Justice League of America discusses the difference between the two superhero teams. Are you intrigued by the JLA's roster that includes Martian Manhunter and Vibe, among others?

There have been a lot of different Justice League teams over the years, Justice League International, Justice Society of America, Justice League Elite and a bevy of other super-derivatives. Recently, Justice League International ended its New 52 run but not too long after, DC Comics announced Justice League of America. The team features a lineup comprised of some very unusual choices in the likes of Vibe, Katanna and Catwoman to name a few. In fact, aside from Martian Manhunter, it wouldn't be a stretch to say this roster is 'Justice League International 2.0' with the amount of underdogs on the team. If you've been reading Johns' work on Justice League then you have a vague sense of why the JLA comes together but below the writer himself describes what the team is about and how it differs from the team composed of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and co.

"JLA" is set to be a very different book from "Justice League." What I wanted to do was create two different books with extremely different viewpoints. "Justice League" is all about the world's greatest heroes. They are established as the world's greatest heroes already and stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Batman and the rest are already there. They have a status. So "Sword of Atlantis" is about doing the biggest character story we can possibly do with them with the biggest possible threats. That's what that book will continue to be with Ivan and Joe.

On the flipside, you have "JLA" which is really about exploring potential that's not yet realized. It's all about exploring the potential of heroes who are underrated or undervalued and not quite perceived as the A-list. And it's about Steve Trevor's determination to turn them into that. Vibe gets called out a lot because he's a very unlikely character. And that's fine. We've also got the new Green Lantern and Hawkman and Katana. Where are these characters going to go? We know that at the end of the day, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are going to be around. But at the end of the day, we don't know what direction these guys will take. Are they going to make it on the team? What will they evolve into – or devolve into in the case of one of them? So "JLA" is really becoming it's own beast – a different thematic world of the B and C-List where as "Justice League" is strictly A."

Justice League of America #1, from David Finch and Geoff Johns, debuts Feb. 6, 2013.

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