COMICS: In "The New 52" Continuity, Tim Drake Was NEVER Robin

COMICS: In "The New 52" Continuity, Tim Drake Was NEVER Robin

Yet another change as a result of DC's "The New 52" has been revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con today. Tim Drake is best known as the Robin who deduced Batman's secret identity and has appeared in various other forms of media in that role. Well, in the comics, he was NEVER Robin.

When it was revealed the "The New 52" universe was only 5 years old, many fans were left scratching their heads as to how Batman could have possibly had so many sidekicks during that period. Comic books do of course play around with how time works, but this was still a baffling development and the following revelation will do absolutely NOTHING to clear it up. During today's "DC Comics: Young Justice" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, writer Scott Lobdell discussed this September's Teen Titans #0, and is quoted by Comic Book Resources as saying the following.

"Tim goes straight from being Tim Drake to being Red Robin in that there was no official period of time where he was Robin. We keep most of the origin in tact in that he was one of the few people who could get very close to learning who Bruce is...but it will be a much updated version of his origin."

So there you have it! It sounds as if most of what happened in the pre-New 52 continuity still stands, but the fact he became Red Robin rather than Robin does little to clear up the confusing continuity issues. Did he still serve as a sidekick to Batman?! Well, hopefully we'll find out the answer to that and all the other questions this raises in the upcoming Teen Titans #0 issue. Sound off with your thoughts on this news in the usual place!

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