COMICS: James Tynion IV On Taking Over Writing Duties On RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS

COMICS: James Tynion IV On Taking Over Writing Duties On RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS

Talon writer James Tynion IV talks in detail here about his plans for Jason Todd, Roy Harper and Starfire when he takes over Red Hood and the Outlaws with issue #19, including future story arcs and what it has been like to work with artist Mico Suayan (X-Men: Legacy).

James Tynion IV has worked closely with Batman writer Scott Snyder over the past few years in that corner of the DC Universe, but he is now getting ready to take on former Robin (along with two other rogue heroes) in Red Hood and the Outlaws when Superman writer Scott Lobdell leaves the title later this year. Below are a few highlights from a recent interview with Tynion over at Newsarama, but you can find the full version by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

On How His Run Picks Up From The End Of Scott Lobdell's:

Basically, the last two issues of Scott's run are dealing with repercussions of "Death of the Family," and there are going to be some major, major repercussions that will impact this book. So I'm going to be picking up the series after some fairly major events that will set the stage for some new stories and an exciting new direction for the book overall.

On How He Intends To Use The Core Cast Of The Book:

We're going to be focusing on all three of them. And actually, one character we'll be putting front-and-center for the first batch of issues is going to be Roy Harper/Arsenal. We're going to start seeing parts of his path in the New 52 that we've only seen glimpses of before. And we're going to learn a bit more about how he became Arsenal, and what his position is in the Outlaws. What are the things that he screwed up in his life that led to him getting captured across the world way back in Red Hood #1. I'm really excited to explore that character, because in the series, we've seen Starfire's past, with the major space arc. And now we're going into a very, very deep and emotional Jason arc with what's happening in "Death of the Family." So we're going to put Arsenal in the focus for a bit, and I think fans are going to be really, really happy.

On How He Plans To Structure The Series Moving Forward:

I'll be doing a few more multi-issue arcs rather than stand-alone issues, but the book is an energetic book that propels itself forward. And I think that's going to continue. For me, I am looking to build the few threats in the darkness that will lead to longer arcs that play off the characters' pasts and their relationships with one another.

On Whether We'll See Any Interaction Between Green Arrow And Arsenal:

We're going to see some of that history. I know Jeff is setting up something incredible in Green Arrow, and I can't wait to read it. I'm looking forward to talking to him about the characters and their history together and exploring the opportunity to bring them together. But there are no plans right off the bat to make that happen in the first few issues.

On Working With Artist Mico Suayan:

Oh, I'm very excited to work with Mico on #19. I think everyone's seen his first few covers for the series, because he's starting as the cover artist, I believe, with issue #17, two issues before my launch. Those issues' covers were blowing me away. So when I heard that he'd be coming in to do interiors, I was extremely excited because I think he's a really, really great artist. And I very much look forward to seeing what he can bring to the book. And I've really enjoyed talking to him and working with him. So far, we're just getting going, but I can't wait to see more art from him. I think this is going to be a beautiful book.

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