COMICS: Jim Starlin To Write New Series For DC Comics

COMICS: Jim Starlin To Write New Series For DC Comics

The legendary Jim Starlin, creator of Marvel's Thanos has announced that he will be writing a new ongoing series for DC Comics. Which character from DC would you like Starlin to write?

On his official facebook account, Starlin shared the following, "I have just completed scripting the first two issues of an on-going series for DC Comics. Can’t say what the title is until DC wants the news out. But I imagine a lot of people will be quite surprised to see me take over the writing chores on this particular property. Been having a (surprisingly) fun time with it so far.

Exciting news to be sure, Starlin is the creator behind Thanos, Shang-Chi, Mongul and the author of notable arcs like The Death of Captain Marvel, Batman: A Death in the Family and Death of the New Gods (there's clearly a theme here). With his penchant for writing cosmic tales it wouldn't be a wild guess to suppose that he's doing the same for DC. Perhaps he's taking over Green Lantern, resurrecting The Weird or maybe even a Legion of Superheroes title?

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