COMICS: Last Page From JUSTICE LEAGUE #16 (Spoilers)

COMICS: Last Page From JUSTICE LEAGUE #16 (<font color="red">Spoilers</font>)

It's that time! At the conclusion of an action-packed issue, Cyborg is in a desperate way and decides that it's time for the Justice League to expands its roster. See who the candidates are after the jump.

Justice League new roster

For those of you with poor eyesight, that's Green Arrow, Vixen, Hawkman, Black Lightning, Element Woman, Shazam, Zatanna, Black Canary, Goldrush? and Firestorm. Some pretty powerful and diverse heroes here. Some of the characters have yet to debut in the New 52 while other candidates are set to become members of the government sponsored Justice League of America. One things for sure, the next issue is can't miss.

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