COMICS: New Details And Interior Art Work For AQUAMAN #17

COMICS: New Details And Interior Art Work For AQUAMAN #17

Throne Of Atlantis will be wrapping up in the pages of Justice League's next issue. So how will it affect Aquaman? Check out some new details for the next issue of Aquaman as well as some interior artwork for the title.

One of DC's current big events is a crossover that is spanning not only the pages of Justice League, but Aquaman as well. The story, titled Throne of Atlantis, revolves around Aurthur and the uprising of Atlantis. The story will be concluding in Justice League's next issue. DC has sent over some details, as well as some of Paul Pelletier’s interior artwork. Check it out below.

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-AQUAMAN #17 will serve as a “Throne of Atlantis” epilogue.

-The issue will feature an appearance by the Sea Devils, who are not too happy about the post-“Throne of Atlantis” world … AT ALL.

-Following the events of “Throne of Atlantis,” Amanda Waller’s hands will get dirty.

-The issue will mark the debut of new cast member, Murk!

-And finally, AQUAMAN #17 will thrust us right into the next major series arc – with an all-new villain destined to shake what you know about AQUAMAN to its core!

Even though Throne of Atlantis will be ending, it still looks like DC still has big plans for Aquaman. The conclusion of the story, like stated above, will be in Justice League #17 which is on sale on February 20th. The epilogue, which will be Aquaman #17, will be on sale February 27th. For the latest on all things comics, make sure to check back here at CBM.

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