Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and more are all buzzing about Jeff Lemire's upcoming run on Green Arrow. With a hit television show on The CW the time is ripe for Arrow to join the ranks of A-listers in the DCU. Continue on for a sneak peek.

Often billed as a poor man's Batman, Green Arrow is enjoying some widespread demographic exposure thanks to the CW's Arrow. Tomorrow sees fan favorite writer Jeff Lemire (Animal Man, Sweet Tooth) take over a series that's been middle of the pack in terms of sales. Can he capitalize on the saturation of Green Arrow (there was even a pre-Super Bowl television spot for the show) and bring the Emerald Archer to the top of the sales chart?

"I felt like doing a street-level crime-noir take on a superhero, like the best of the Batman or Daredevil stuff. To me, one of the reasons the first 15 or 16 issues of the series weren't connecting with people was because Oliver Queen still seemed very unrelatable and in a lot of ways very unlikable. He still seemed really arrogant and brash, and it was almost like the island, which was supposed to change him and give him a new perspective on life, didn't really work.When I thought of that, I thought maybe that's the story: Maybe the island was supposed to do something that didn't happen and now everything is going to fall apart as a result." - - - Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire's run begins with a new villain, Komodo.

Green Arrow issue 17 exclusive preview by

• Welcome the new team of writer JEFF LEMIRE and artist ANDREA SORRENTINO!
• As Ollie struggles to come to terms with the loss of his fortune, his company and his heritage, he discovers a shocking truth about his father that ties to his time stranded on an island before he became Green Arrow.
• Plus: Green Arrow battles the deadly archer known as Komodo!

You can read more from Lemire's interview with USA Today by clicking the source link below. Green Arrow #17 hits comic book stores tomorrow with art from Andrea Sorrentino (I, Vampire).

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