COMICS: Reverse-Flash Targets BATMAN In First Look At THE FLASH "The Button" Crossover

COMICS: Reverse-Flash Targets BATMAN In First Look At THE FLASH "The Button" Crossover

The mystery behind The Comedian's bloodied badge and its arrival in the DC Universe will be explored in "The Button," but in this preview of Batman #21, the Reverse-Flash is after Flashpoint Batman!

At the end of Flashpoint, Reverse-Flash was stopped in his tracks by Batman (Thomas Wayne in that alternate timeline after his son was murdered and his wife became The Joker) when he plunged a sword through his chest. That was it for Zoom until a new version was introduced in The New 52, but as Rebirth brings the Watchmen into the DC Universe, so too has the real Eobard Thawne returned. 

In this first look at Wednesday's Batman #21 - the first part of a crossover with The Flash which will delve into the mystery surrounding The Comedian's bloodied button appearing in the Batcave - Zoom is looking for revenge and finds it when he confronts Bruce Wayne and promptly destroys the letter which was sent across time and reality from Thomas to his son. It's thought he could make some sort of return here too and that's probably no bad thing seeing as the Dark Knight is seriously outgunned.

What the future holds in store for all these characters isn't clear right now, but as always, be sure to stay tuned for updates as we have them. Along with the preview is the solicitation text for the issue.

What starts as a simple investigation turns deadly when the secrets of the button prove irresistible to an unwelcome third party—and it's not who anyone suspects. It's a mystery woven through time, and the ticking clock starts here!

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