COMICS: Scott Snyder To Leave SWAMP THING

COMICS: Scott Snyder To Leave SWAMP THING

Looks like Scott Snyder is wrapping up his magnificent run on Swamp Thing. Goes without saying that fans of the series will be a little bummed out but Snyder does have Man of Steel looming and something had to give.

Swamp Thing is one of those relatively obscure yet fan favorite comic book titles that have seen greats such as Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, Bryan K Vaughn and host of others put their stamp on Swampy over the years. Recently, Snyder was currently in the midst of his own Swamp Thing run but it should come as no surprise that with Man of Steel (w/ Jim Lee) and a new Vertigo title on the way, Snyder would have to lessen his workload. DC wouldn't let him drop Batman even if he wanted to so Swamp Thing was the inevitable casualty here.

No word on who will be taking over the title.

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