COMICS: Superman is DOOMED In New Crossover Event

COMICS: Superman is DOOMED In New Crossover Event

Comic Book Resources has revealed that DC's upcoming crossover Superman: Doomed will see Doomsday make a big splash in the Man of Steel's titles this May. Read on for cover art and more details!

CBR has the first details on DC's upcoming crossover, Superman: Doomed, promising much more than just a rematch between the Man of Steel and the monstrous alien Doomsday. After appearing in his own Villains Month one-shot, Doomsday has been a lurking threat throughout Superman/Wonder Woman, and now there are big plans for the Superman titles this coming May.

Kicking off the event is Superman: Doomed #1, on sale May 7. Written by Superman scribe Scott Lobdell, Action Comics writer Greg Pak and Superman/Wonder Woman's Charles Soule, with art and cover by Ken Lashley. Here's DC's official description of the one-shot:

"Beginning the super-event you have been waiting for in The New 52: Superman vs. Doomsday in a way you've never seen before! And with Doomsday's deadly new abilities, in this battle there can be no winners. The Man of Steel must unleash insane levels of power in order to do the job, only to terrify the world he's saving. Beating Doomsday is only the beginning of this never-ending battle!

Released that same day is Pak and Aaron Kuder's Action Comics #31: "Superman barely survived his battle with Doomsday and now realizes that his wounds are not healing. Not only that, but he's suffering disturbing physical and emotional side effects. He is changing ... and the newly enlisted Men of S.T.E.E.L.--Metallo, Ghost Soldier, Atomic Skull and Steel--are about to find out into what!"

The storyline continues with Superman/Wonder Woman #8, from Soule and Tony S. Daniel released May 14. "SUPERMAN: DOOMED continues! Wonder Woman must deal with what Superman is becoming. Will she have to slay her lover to save him?"

On May 28, the crossover continues in Superman #31, written by Lobdell with art by Ed Benes. "SUPERMAN: DOOMED continues as Superman continues to change. Plus, Lois's psi powers spike again as we see the looming shadow of Brainiac!"

Soule teased these events back in September in an interview with CBR. "Doomsday's introduction to the modern New 52 universe is something we're thinking a lot about -- how we use him and how we can reflect what he means to someone who's been reading DC Comics a long time versus someone who's just jumped on with the New 52. There's a real opportunity to create a story that resonates with old readers while at the same time doing something that's really fresh to new readers. That's a high bar to set, but I think we're doing some good work on that front."

What are your thoughts on the storyline? Will it become the New 52's version of The Death of Superman, or will it shine bright? Leave your thoughts in the usual place.
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