COMICS: Wally West To Make His DCnU Debut After The New Year?

COMICS: Wally West To Make His DCnU Debut After The New Year?

Ever since DC launched the New 52 with Barry Allen as The Flash a lot of people have been wondering when Wally West would pop up. Dan Didio may have just gave us our first hint by saying he hopes to see him in the New Year.

Barry Allen has been set up as The Flash in DC's new 52 relaunch. As popular as the silver age Flash has been people have been asking, where is Wally West? DC has been pretty tight lipped about when or if they will be bringing West into the fold. Last we had heard back in October, current Flash writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato had a planed on bringing Wally in to the DCnU with Manapul saying, "The pitch is on Dan [DiDio's] desk". However when CBR contacted DC they said they had no plans to develop the character. Well that might all be changing based on a simple Facebook post from Dan Didio, DC's Senior VP and Executive Editor.

Via The Inside Pulse:

Merry Christmas to Everyone!
Even you Wally. maybe I’ll see you in the New Year.

While obviously this doesn't mean we will definitely see West, it is more hope than fans of the character have gotten in a really long time. Earlier in the year the character Daniel West was introduced withe rumors swirling that it could be DC trying to sneak Wally by us. However, nothing has materialized with it. Recently it was announced that Reverse Flash would be making his first appearance in the New 52, so hopefully Wally might follow soon after. For the latest on DC Comics make sure to check back here at CBM.

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