COMICS: Watchmen Prequels to be Published as Four Mini-Series

COMICS: Watchmen Prequels to be Published as Four Mini-Series

COMICS: <em>Watchmen</em> Prequels to be Published as Four Mini-Series

Bleeding Cool has been on top of this story over the past few days, unearthing new details, and getting a mysterious phone call from an unnamed DC higher-up that confirmed the project.

Bleeding Cool over the past few days has reported that DC is working on prequels to Alan Moore's masterpiece Watchmen. Since our first article mentioning of the super secret project Bleeding Cool has uncovered more information and received a phone call that they claim confirms it.

The new information is that the prequels will be published as four mini-series. All four will be connected by a plot written by Darwyn Cooke. With this new knowledge in hand you can now look back at past quote by Cooke that he made to MTV Geek from earlier this year. He said, “I have something coming up with DC, but I’m sworn to secrecy…there is a very big project on the horizon with DC, which we’re probably going to announce in October, as far as I understand. And that should be exciting, and infuriating, and all kinds of things to people. It should be quite a shock when they hear what we’re doing."

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool

PHONE CALL - “How did you know? How did you know? I didn’t know. How did you know?”

That was the phone call I got at 3 o’clock in the morning my time, 10 in the evening in New York. It was clearly from a bar, it was from a DC editorial type, and it was clearly in reference to the Watchmen prequels I’ve been talking about that, post new-52, are back on the table with Darwyn Cooke taking artistic lead. And it had been kept such a secret that certain employees of a relatively senior level had not heard a thing. And, on reading the Bleeding Cool articles, had made some inquiries.

What is also clear that a decent sized chunk of DC is not on board for this. That they love Watchmen as it is, and see these prequel mini-series as diluting that. But there are also those who see not doing this as blatantly leaving money on the table at a time when they can least afford to.

Indeed I am now told that there will be four Watchmen miniseries, all prequels. Working off an over-arching uber-plot by Darwyn, who will be writing and drawing on a book or two.

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