COMICS: What March's Batman Solicitations Tell Us About DEATH OF THE FAMILY

COMICS: What March's Batman Solicitations Tell Us About DEATH OF THE FAMILY

The first issues after the "Death of the Family" arc in the Batbooks start in March and the solicitations for those titles tell us a few kernels of information about who lives and who dies after the Joker's machinations have run their course.

WORLDS’ FINEST #10 - Huntress is personally affected by a tragedy in The New 52!

BATMAN, INCORPORATED #9 - The fallout from last month’s shocking turn of events has Batman on the run! Is The Dark Knight a murderer?

BATMAN AND ROBIN #18 - It’s the BATMAN AND ROBIN story of the year!

BATMAN #18 - In the wake of unspeakable tragedy, Batman is in danger of losing his humanity!

BATGIRL #18 - Batgirl must face the man who sold her out to The Joker during “DEATH OF THE FAMILY”...her own brother, James Gordon, Jr.

CATWOMAN #18 - In the fallout from “DEATH OF THE FAMILY,” Catwoman and Batman spend a night at the museum—fighting over stolen art!

NIGHTWING #18 - Dick Grayson lost so much during “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” that some new events are going to push him right over the edge!

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #18 - Jason Todd suffered terribly at the hands of The Joker in “DEATH OF THE FAMILY,” and now he’s changing the Outlaws’ mission!

TEEN TITANS #18 - Unknown to the Teen Titans, Red Robin’s condition is worsening after the events of “DEATH OF THE FAMILY.” And now Red Robin must face an even greater tragedy!

From these solicitations we know that Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Nightwing, Catwoman, Batgirl and Batman all survive Death of the Family. Not specifically named are Damion, Commissioner Gordon nor Alfred making it seem likely that one of these three individuals will fall victim to the Joker's evil intentions. In fact, looking across all these titles it seems as if Batman has killed the Joker in retaliation for an 'unforgivable tragedy'. So with that in mind, who do you think won't survive Death of the Family?

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