COMICS: Who Should Replace Geoff Johns And Ivan Reis On AQUAMAN?

COMICS: Who Should Replace Geoff Johns And Ivan Reis On AQUAMAN?

With the somewhat surprising departure of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis from Aquaman, we are all wondering who DC will get to replace the seemingly irreplaceable creative team. I've put together a short list of who I think can do it. Check it out!

Like me, many of you no doubt have been extremely surprised with how fantastic the Aquaman title has been in the New 52. Geoff Johns has showed us how cool Aquaman can really be.

Before the New 52, Aquaman was looked at as a cheesy hero whose powers were talking to fish, and swimming really fast. He was the member of the Justice League the majority made fun of. But, that all changed with the New 52. Somehow, Geoff Johns made Aquaman a true bad a**. He isn't a wimpy hero who can talk to fish anymore, he is a hero we finally see and go "that guy is awesome". And Ivan Reis' amazing artwork only adds to the level of coolness Aquaman has now. Reis' great art goes hand in hand with Johns' great storytelling and character development on the series.

So, obviously we were all surprised, and a little frustrated, to hear the news that these two were leaving as a creative team on Aquaman. We just heard that Ivan Reis is officially taking over art duties on Justice League. And Geoff Johns is supposedly devoting more time to the other series' he is writing, as well as writing the new Justice League of America series.

What will happen to Aquaman now? Who is going to take over as the creative team? Well, we don't know yet. But if they get this right, they could get a team almost as good as Johns and Reis and not make fans drop the series once this team leaves. I know they will be hard to replace, but I've put together a short list of three writers and three artists who, in my own opinion, should be considered to take over.

Here are my choices, in order of who I think is the best...


1. Scott Snyder
Right now he is working on two fantastic series': Batman and Swamp Thing. Scott is a really great writer. His work on Batman has made it one of the best series in the New 52. I think that he is the most capable, and available choice that could replace Geoff Johns and not ruin the good work Johns has done on Aquaman. He's my number one choice right now.

2. Peter Tomasi
He is currently working on Green Lantern Corps and Batman and Robin. There are different opinions of these two series', but the overall consensus seems to be pretty good. I think he would do great on Aquaman, and keep fans of Johns' and Reis' work on the series enjoying it still.

3. James Robinson
He is working on the Earth 2 series at present. Again, there are different opinions on this series. But, I think he has done a pretty good job with it, and that he wouldn't be bad for Aquaman. I'd definitely like to see where he would take it.


1. Nicola Scott
She does the art for the Earth 2 series. I really like her art, and her work on Earth 2 is very good. And I think that her style is actually similar looking to Ivan Reis' work. I honestly think she is the best choice to replace Reis, and that her art would work beautifully on Aquaman. Plus, I do not believe she is working on any other title in the New 52 right now, so she would be available.

2. Doug Mahnke
He is the artist for Green Lantern. I am loving this series so far, and one of the things about it that I like is the art. He is definitely a close second for me to work on Aquaman. There is really not much else to say about him, except that he is a great artist, and would continue to show it on Aquaman.

3. Eddy barrows
He is working as the artist for Nightwing. I also enjoy his work on this series. The art is really good, and would be great for Aquaman. He definitely deserves a spot on this list.

So, those are some of my choices on who should take over Aquaman. Let me know how you feel about them in the comments below, and also, who your choices would be. Who do you think should replace Johns and Reis on Aquaman?
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