COMICS: Writer Judd Winick Responds To Catwoman #1 "Controversy"!

COMICS: Writer Judd Winick Responds To Catwoman #1 "Controversy"!

COMICS: Writer Judd Winick Responds To <i>Catwoman #1</i> "Controversy"!

We've already heard about the controversy surrounding Starfire's actions in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, and now Catwoman writer Judd Winick has responded to similar complaints! What's the problem? Find out here...

WARNING: Catwoman #1 Spoilers Ahead!

While the title has been positively received by most comic book fans, some reviewers haven't been kind to Judd Winick's first issue of Catwoman. It seems that a few of them weren't best pleased with her portrayal (the last couple of pages from the comic below may give you an idea of what's bothered them so much) and Newsarama reached out to the writer to get his take on this.

This is a Catwoman for 2011, and my approach to her character and actions reflect someone who lives in our times. And wears a cat suit. And steals. It’s a tale that is part crime story, part mystery and part romance. In that, you will find action, suspense and passion. Each of those qualities, at times, play to their extremes. Catwoman is a character with a rich comic book history, and my hope is that readers will continue to join us as the adventure continues.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the following scans.

Personally, I found Catwoman #1 to be well written and great fun. Her portrayal seemed fitting, while most reviewers seem to have missed the point that she was in fact using her looks (well, boobs most of the time!) as a weapon/distraction. I'd definitely recommend picking the title up this week, but for those you who have read it, what did you think? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place.

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