DC Comics Updates Release List For Wednesday And There Are Once Again No New Titles Going On Sale

DC Comics Updates Release List For Wednesday And There Are Once Again No New Titles Going On Sale

As expected, DC Comics has no plans to release new comic books either physically or digitally this Wednesday, but there are at least some reprints and trades which will be available to download tomorrow...

Countless superhero movies and TV shows have been delayed, and we now don't even have new comic books to look forward to every Wednesday! Just like last week, DC Comics won't release physical or digital copies of their monthly titles, and will instead share only a selection of OGNs, collections, and digital-first titles and reprints. 

According to Newsarama, all we're getting this week are the Young Adult graphic novel Gotham High, and collections of Batman: Last Night on Earth, Freedom Fighters: Rise Of A Nation, Justice League Of America: A Celebration Of 60 Years, Swamp Thing By Nancy Collins Omnibus, Transmetropolitan Book Three, and Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Love Is A Battlefield.

They actually went up today, and tomorrow's releases will consist of the digital-first Teen Titans Go! To Camp #7, a facsimile edition of Detective Comics #327, and reprints of The Witching Hour #1, 1st Issue Special #9, Black Magic #5, House Of Mystery #205, Eclipso #4, The Spectre #5, Super Friends #5, and Sun Devils #10.

Exciting stuff, eh? 

Diamond remains unable to print comic books, hence why publishers like DC Comics have decided not to bypass stores and start selling digital titles only. However, depending how long these lockdowns, and the printer's closure, continue, there's a very good chance that policy could change. 

For now, though, the DC Universe remains on hiatus as COVID-19 continues causing chaos. 

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