DC Entertainment Bringing Starman To The Screen?

DC Entertainment Bringing <em>Starman</em> To The Screen?

According to Pajiba they are. They claim to have inside info that we will be seeing the intergalactic DC comics character in his own movie at some point..

But which one! Starman has gone through numerous incarnations over the years. He's been the gravity rod wielding Ted Knight, a mutant alien bisexual prince, Knight's sons Jack AND David among others. The current Starman is a member of the JLU and a complete nut job. To relate his history in my own words would give me a headache so I'm enlisting good ol Wikipedia's help on this one..

Hailing from the original Legion of Super-Heroes universe, where he was known as Star Boy , he receives by the combined Brainiac 5 of the Three Worlds a complete map of the Multiverse, printed to his star-clad suit, to use in a mission meant to save the entire space-time continuum. It's implied his mind-addled status was actually a deciding factor in his choosing, since his borderline insanity was meant to prevent telepath or skilled interrogators to gain any information from him. However he got stranded on Earth-22, the Kingdom Come universe, thus witnessing the dramatic events on that Earth, and receiving an added damage to his frail mind, proved by the lack of the advanced medication he had access to in his own time.

DC eh? Its never simple! Anyway here is a snippet of the report from Pajiba..

In any event, according to an inside source, Warner Brother, in partnership with Lin Productions and DC Comics, is bringing Starman to the big screen. Which version is sort of unknown — he’ll wield a gravity rod, have energy powers, and likely be able to fly. One of the more recent Starman characters could also manipulate mass, but not word on whether that power will be present.

Apparently the movie is being produced by Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes and Terminator Salvation) and Gregory Noveck (Jonah Hex ). No writer or director is attached yet, as the film is in very early development. Depending on which version of the character they use it could be pretty cool. With Green Lantern pioneering the move into the more intergalactic characters in the DC Universe, Warner Bros may be looking to keep the space faring going with this.
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