DC Has Notes And Sketches For A Replacement SUPERMAN In Case They Lose The Rights

DC Has Notes And Sketches For A Replacement SUPERMAN In Case They Lose The Rights

While the courts are seemingly ruling in favour of Warner Bros. and DC Comics in their recent legal wrangling's with the heirs of the creators of Superman and more, a reliable source reveals that the publisher has plans in place for a replacement Man of Steel should things go wrong for them.

Unless you've kept up with every stage of DC Comics' ongoing legal battle with the heirs of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster over the last couple of years (or have a law degree), it's not difficult to become confused over what the future has in store for the Man of Steel. A worst case scenario would be that the heirs get everything that makes Superman, well, Superman, while DC would be left only with the name. Now, a recent victory for the latter means that this more than likely is NOT going to ever happen. However, the ever reliable folks over at Bleeding Cool reveal that they have learned that there is indeed a plan in mind should this come to pass.

Superman does seem to be in the courts a lot this month, ahead of the upcoming movie. Are Warner Bros lawyers getting all their ducks in a row? I also heard that, in preparation for a possible loss of rights to Superman, that DC Comics had prepared notes ad sketches on a new Superman – using the trademarked name but with a completely different back story and even appearance...

It's interesting to wonder what this would ultimately involve. Would we get a proper send off for Superman or would he simply vanish from comic book store shelves? What we would be left with is a Superman who has a totally different origin story and appearance, while the fate of the character we all know and love - who would no longer have a name - would surely be up for grabs by comic and film companies! Be sure to sound off with your thoughts on this in the usual place.

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