DC TV! Ranking the Potential of Each DC Show and What the Future Might Bring Them and Us!

DC TV! Ranking the Potential of Each DC Show and What the Future Might Bring Them and Us!

DCGuy Strikes back! not really but the Excellence of Editorial is here again with another editorial based on the DC tv shows and what potential they have for us as fans, future spin offs and more! check it out after the jump!

The most beloved CBM.com User, the most respected Man & DC fan on the internet and the man you guys voted as "The Excellence of Editorials" Ladies (non Existant) & Gentlemen give it up for... DCGuy !!!! Hi, I'm here ranking and taking a look at future and current DC tv shows and seeing their potential plus giving a bit of my opinion and what I expect, remember to give your opinion on each show and concept below, also if you feel that any show needs to be explained and you know it's concept please share your knowledge.

-ARROW (Began on 2012, Season 3 Starts on Wed. Oct 8 2014 on CW)

Without a doubt the leading torch of the DC Tv Universe or Arrowverse if you say, Arrow has found great fame, not only restoring respect in Green Arrow as a character but adding Layers to him, this is the BEST Hero TV Show on tv right now, Let's look at it's future.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 6+
Potential Spin off's: Birds of Prey Show, Suicide Squad Show
Personal Rating: 5/5

-THE FLASH (Debuts Tuesday Oct. 7 2014 on CW)

The first Spinoff of the Arrow show, The Flash has not even debuted yet, but if you look at the comments section you will see fans going crazy over it as it has leaked, filled with Easter Eggs the pilot is amazing, I say the best pilot for a Hero show ever, now if you have also been following the news, you know that Flash has also been Casting a few people, Capt Cold, Plastique, The General, FireStorm, Vibe, KillerFrost, Dr.Zoom & others, needless to say the Arrow/Flash universe is the biggest Hero shared universe ever to date.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 4 (for now)
Potential Spin Off's: None (for now)
Personal Rating: (based on the pilot Alone) 4/5

-CONSTANTINE (Debuts Friday Oct. 24 2014 on NBC)

Constantine's Pilot also leaked, but now I am not sure if it was retconned by the fact that they are changing the story & the main actress which means we go from Liv to ZED, but basing it on the Pilot alone the show was good, Perfect Wardrobe, Great Acting and HE SMOKES, only complain is that I wish he would do more complicated spells or use more magic, turn up the dial on that magic and usage, but the Easter Eggs alone are great (Dr.Fate,Swamp Thing, Magicians all teased, The Specter confirmed for the show)

(Dr.Fate & Behind the Helmet is a Magical Staff of a infamous DC old school magician, while I doubt that in the show,could tie in with Zatanna & her family thus bringing us MAGIC)

Swamp Thing (?)

Predicted Number of Seasons : 3(for now)
Potential Spin off's: Movie (Justice League Dark)
Personal Rating: (Based on Pilot) 3.5/5

-GOTHAM (Debuts Monday  Sept. 22 on 2014 on FOX)

Now sadly this Pilot did not leak...Yet. but the online fans do seem to either love it or hate it, I have seen more love than hate so far, I can only comment on the casting choice and I find them perfect each one it perfect, Ben McKenzie could grow grow a foot taller but thats nothing, I hope this series does well really it could give so much to the rogues Gallery of Batman which everyone is the best in the world even if you don't like Batman, his bad guys range from end to end, in the future we could get some great moments like Example Bruce & Alfred  on a car ride to Metropolis, their Car breaks down in Smallville and Bruce has a play day with Clark...both at 8-10 years old this is from a comic but it would be great for fans to see this in live action

Predicted Number of Seasons: 3 (if Fox lets it get to 2 it has more potential and could get more seasons)
Potential Spin off: None?
Can't give rating.

-iZOMBIE (Fall 2014-2015 on CW)

Much has not been said about this show, I think it will find an audience, it's maybe the weakest of the current list but then again it's on the CW, I will check it out, I hope we learn more about this show soon.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 2
Potential Spinoff: None
Can't give rating.

-PREACHER (Feb? 2015 AMC)

This show will be awesome, I feel it! it has a lot of supernatural elements, an edgy concept that is sure to get controversy, it's on AMC so gore will be allowed, we know that theres a few brilliants minds behind this show, if you don't much about preacher you should check out a few comics or read online about it, the only way I could describe it is, Supernatural without restrictions, for men and with true evil and concept. I read that the show is for Feb debut? not sure it's a rumor I think but I hope so.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 3
Potential Spinoff:None for now
Can't give rating.

-HOURMAN (2015 on CW)

Another great concept that in modern day could be great tv, with the concept of the show dealing with being a hero, being an addict and mutliple other things Hourman has the potential to be a superhero show for an alternative crowd, while elements of seeing into the future, losing his family and othet things are to be involved it's not a traditional hero show like Arrow or even The Flash. but we have to wait and see as it is still in development.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 2
No Spinoffs
No Rating

-DMZ (2015 on SYFY)

This is an interesting concept for a Syfy show, based on the comic which sets a near future post Civil American war waged on by 2 sides of America that fight for freedom and the other to remain states, it could be a very epic show, Production started in May 2014 so we might get some updates soon on the show, I have an open mind and really want to see how this show develops, the idea of a war is not new, but America fighting it self is going on currently a war on free states and the nation would be a fresh concept along with the morals and values they bring to the table.

Predicted Number of Seasons: 3
No Spinoff for Now
No Ratings.

No Animated shows were covered here because if I'm not mistaken none new have been anounced so far from DC, but hey I have hopes that Doopie is soon hired to Draw & Animate a DC show written by BenjiWest, NovaCorpsFan and our resident David Goyer, Klone. While Maisie Williams Voices all of the characters so Pasto can [email protected] so hard he has to go see McGee to get that sh!t fixed and WarrenByron sets up their days vi schedule. So here's to HOPE!

Hope you enjoy, please watch the shows give them a try and a REAL one not just 1-3 episodes. give me your feelings on a SEPERATE DC TV/MOVIE Universe AND please if you have any ideas of how to CONNECT them in the future feel free to comment it to. Until the Next time, now I'm off, I have to see if Snyder got a new tattoo.

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