DCEU is a flop, bad movies, bad critic reception, bad headlines on media. Or is this the spin on the current situation that you are being sold on. What can we see as fact and what is more talk than anything else. How successful is Marvel really ?

Jay Z once said "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't"!
You are all bashing DC for making 3 movies that aren’t a 10/10 movies critically (a perfect movie so to say), we can nitpick the reasons for it, but facts are that we have seen the same mistakes in other franchises many times. You can say Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad are poorly edited, and that might be true, but is editing not as bad as making the same movie over and over again. Something that Marvel has done in their early movies, following a structure, which annoys me as much a badly edited movie.

In BVS you could feel that parts were missing, integral parts of the movie, that explain plot points vital to the story (you could blame that on Warner’s, not Snyder) . In Suicide Squad you do not feel that, you feel that they did not spend much time on the villain, how is that a compaint coming from you Marvel fans, when you have done this for 12 movies (one villain i liked- Winter Soldier), how can you even attempt to bring this as a complain?

In this new movie universe/cinematic universe model,  that spawns over 20 + movies, we really can't judge something on its birth (3rd movie) comparing it with something else in it’s teens (13th movie). This is a real world situation where the guy sitting in the producers chair has done 13 of those and the ones that failed, he learned from. Just do not pretend that all MCU movies are Winter Soldier or Guardians.

People forget that the early MCU movies were just as bad as the DCEU movies they are bashing right now. They are receiving better scores, but i can understand a character like Iron Man getting positive reviews, in a franhise that no one ever believed we will get , where the actor has pretty much defined the role and the franchise itself mostly relies on him. But let me ask you as a fan of Iron Man the character, which epic Iron Man moments did you guys get, Iron Monger was a let down, Whiplash was pretty far from what i thought it will be or could be , and Mandarin was pretty bad and not even worth mentioning. The real Iron Man moment was Iron man (2008), making the costume, flying between two planes and blowing up a [frick]ing tank. That is Iron Man in its purity. From 2008 till today RDJR has been stuck in his ego and hasn’t given us anything new and exicting, to me he was the villain of Age of Ultron - its not Ultron's fault he was created. In Civil War he was made the secondary villain, not trusting his teammates and his gut feeling. It is not like BVS,  where Batman and Superman do not know each other and have been forming opinions based on media and events that they haven’t personally witnessed or simply had a different angle on. The heroes in Civil War had a long relationship way before the movie events take place and “dead mother”  moment was just as ridiciolous in that movie as it was in BVS.

The funnier thing to me was the fact that Civil War came right after BVS - all the Marvel fans bashing the Martha scene, you were extremely quiet when the same happened in Civil War. Even if Bucky did it, I mean Stark must have some sort of an idea of who the Winter Soldier is, I mean it’s been 3 movies in between Civil War and Winter Soldier. I am sure Steve Rogers mentioned that his best friend is a brainwashed assassin that tried to kill him and that he is on a mission to find him and help him in some way. Anyway that might be a small nitpick, but watching this after “Martha” really [frick]ed it up for me. To be quite honest, Captain America 3 should have been Avengers free and focus on Steve’s quest to help Bucky and then make Baron Zemo a bigger better villain that was playing games behind the scenes. That’s what Steve Rogers deserved, we could have Civil War be the first of the two part Avengers movies and the second one could have united them against Thanos. That is just my opinion of course.

But a lot of media and outlets are trying to kill the DCEU in it’s inception, every day i read an article about Suicide Squad and how much it fell in % at the BoxOffice , are you serious the movie is ranking 500 Million in 8 days - you have movies that made less in 4 months. No one wrote anything like Avengers: Civil War (real title) is failing to catch up with the previous movie in the franchise Age of Ultron with 250 Million? Let me guess, because it’s a Captain America 3 and it over performed all previous movies in his franchise.
Not sure if they (by them I mean popular online forms of media that write about movies mainly) are doing it because they hate the movies so much or because it’s cool to kick the horse while it’s still on the ground, or simply profitable for them to post articles that are in tune with the media's current sing a long, and we all know that the internet is a place of followers, not creators or trend setters. 

Media and critics are saying the following MCU (SUPER SUCCESS) , DCEU (DISASTER).

And as a DC fan sometimes when you just read all day the same thing you get caught up with the madness from time to time, so I take a step back and check the facts that we all have (google provides them easy).
Marvel has 13 movies , compared to 3 from the DCEU. Thats a difference of 10 movies guys. You can compare them all you want and nit pick them all you want, fact of the matter is Phase 1 had 6 movies, from which,  one was super successful. The first ever movie event The Avengers. And of course Iron man (2008) was a great movie, fun and light, superhero movie that came at a time no one was expecting it and was not taking itself serious, had a not so great 3rd act but you do not see it on Rotten Tomatoes with a 21 % score right? Just because the villain sucks, or that it’s different from others popular at the moment?

As a company that relies on its producers to steer the ship in a single unified direction, Marvel have seen their share of mistakes and simply took another approach to them. Always building up from what didn’t work. Only difference, there wasn’t another company doing it when they started to be compared with all the time. A shared universe between properties exists in the comics since they came up with the Justice League of America and DC have all the right to use the approach as anyone else does.

You can quote me Rotten Tomatoes scores and box office results all day, this will not make me believe that Kevin Feige was jumping in his bed when The Incredible Hulk finished its worldwide run with 263 Million, on a 150 Million budget. When you calculate the budget, cost of marketing the movie and what cinemas take in % wise, this movie either made a few millions for them as profit or lost a few.

What did Marvel do? Well they realized that Hulk doesn’t work as a solo property and that he needs something else in there to bounce of. We all know Hulk doesn't speak much when in rage mode, he is a character that is a great support for the line up in action scenes and clearly from the two Avengers we have seen so far, we know people are entertained to see him each time, especially played by Mark.
The producer does not thinks as a fan boy , but as a businessman. So in Thor 3 (Ragnarok), you will get two characters that are kind of struggling in their respective franchises on their own - combined, you might complain that you aren't getting a solo Hulk based on Planet Hulk or a pure Thor Ragnarok movie, but the business side dictates that they merge them and finally get to that 800 Million result with Thor.

Yes i know Thor 2 (TDW) did 644 Million, but I consider it a fail as the movie came after The Avengers and Iron Man 3, which both made double that and were a sort of an all time high for the MCU in terms of BoxOffice. Two previous struggles fixed in one movie, that is a business move, its not cathering to you MCU fans as much as its combining stats and fan favouritism in one, where the business dictates the general path.
Same thing happened with Captain America, when the First Avenger came out, the movie went to make around 370 Million total BoxOffice run. How did the producers handled that, easy, when the time came for the sequel, they put some of the other Avengers in it, plus a new character to support Caps (Falcon).
Characters like Caps and Superman need supporting characters as they are too morally straight and in some cases sound a bit off in modern times.
With the help of his Avenger friends he went on and ended his gross with 714 Million, that is double what he made the first time. So lesson learned, Captain America needs friends just as much as the Flash does. 
You can see that the winning approach in his particular case was again brought back in Civil War, this time Captain America got the entire Avengers team, plus the introduction of two new characters never before seen in the MCU.

Results is 1.152 Billion, a lot more than his last movie. But that just solidifies my belief that on his own , he is not a very successful brand. Also another thing Marvel should be worried about is that fact that their entire Avengers line up plus two new ones just grossed less than Age of Ultron (from a producer stand point), which wasn't a very good movie overall. Will someone die already in the MCU, maybe they will grow some balls and kill someone in Infinity War, i mean there are characters that will never ever get a solo movie anyway , so why not risk some of them (Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision) and use this to break the mold a bit. 

I think the producer understands these obstacles and makes moves to re-pair and add more value to the existing brands they have under their belt and to re-invent the formula. You fan boys get pumped up when anything MCU gets out, you were cheering for Ant-Man like it was The Shawshank Redemption or something from that caliber, the movie was the end of Phase 2, it should have been a 800 Million movie, not a 500 Million movie based soley on the fact that is has ties to the MCU. They even put The Falcon there to simulate or show clearly it’s an Avengers tie in.

The producer knows this and he knows Ant-Man 2 needs to be bigger and better - they are going to put the Wasp in there, you will have a cameo from some Avenger this i can promise you a 100 % and just bombard us with cool FX. If Ant-Man 2 does 500 Million again they will put him on ice untill they find a way for it to work better. In my eyes, using an old school comedy centric actor could have been their attempt at replacing Iron Man as the comedy/charm relief in the Avengers franchise. It didnt bring in the same result as RDJR but they failed to understand that the formula is something that needs refreshing from time to time. They won with Guardians, they used a new approach and it paid off.

Every time you fan out and fail to see the actual state of something you just appear stupid to me, pumping your chest that Civil War made 1.15 Billion and pointing to BVS's 870 million is just not a good argument, movie number 2 compared to movie number 13? So you are proud that after making 13 movies, you were able to cross a mark, and that DC wasn’t able at their 2nd movie? This doesn’t make any sense, none!
Everyone bashing DC needs to realize the following 

Man of Steel (668 Million) - you call that a bad solo movie, but most of your solo movies dont gross that much without supporting characters in it. You can tell me all you want how Superman is more popular than the Avengers characters, but the fact is last 3 Superman movies prior to MOS have been terrible.

Batman v Supeman Dawn of Justice (872 Million) - a flop they said, its just not good compared to other Batman movies, and that is something that the priducer needs to take in and see that when the Bat is involved a CGI monster just won't cut it. Having your entire third act be a super dark scene isnt for the kids and families, make it more light and this number can easly be 1.2 Billion. And to be specific by light I mean both visually and tonally.

Suicide Squad - 8 days out and has done 500 Million worldwide..
This is our phase 1 in its uncomplete entirety, if DCEU plan to use phases at all that is. 
If you get your calculators you will be happy to learn that the critically panned DCEU has now moved past 2 Billion dollars worldwide.

Also to be totally honest, every DCEU movie from now on will have Geoff Johns as a producer over seeing things, so expect a singular vision. The only thing i am worried about is, if this vision will be hard core comic book or will translate the comicbook aspect to cinema smoothly, without trying to force thing from the lore that might not work on the big screen.
To all of the haters waiting to nit pick, when the MCU were at their 3rd movie, their total gross was 1.4 Billion, so i can care less of the media accusations and bashing. Fact of the matter is people want to have a DCEU, DC was the first comicbook company and has a special place in people's hearts. This I can assure you, Batman will always have movies made outside of a shared universe or in one.
Suicide Squad will end its total run at around the 800 Million mark or more, the movie can be rewatched and it is funny , something that might not be a must for a DC fan but general audiences are loving this.

People will go and see it, i already saw it more times in the cinema that i did BVS.

The other day another smear campaign came out, from an unknow source that claims Wonder Woman is a mess. How do you guys explain the fact that 4 movies, 2 of which are directed by different directors (not Zack Snyder - who seems to be the guy to blame for all problems in the eyes of media). How can David Ayer, Patty Jenkins make bad DC movies and worse directors than them make awesome movies for Marvel? How is it possible that all DC does is wrong ? Do you not find a pattern here since Man of Steel, which by the way is still my all time favourite Superman movie of all time. How can all great directors make all bad movies, do you not see that DC is being treated as a thief of some sorts for “copying” Marvel?

How is DC copying Marvel at a shared universe when the first issue of Justice League of America came out 3 years prior to The Avengers? Yes they made the first movie universe, but to get to that point they had to have an established comic book brand that people know and exist in a shared comic book universe right?  

And no i dont behold the 1978 version of Superman as the holly grail of Superman cinema, yes i know most of you do. But the level of FX available then can never portray an accurate version of what the character can do and how it should look. All those neck snapping complaints are shamefuly ignorant, especially coming from fans of movies that haven't produced a villain on the same level of Zod for 13th movies now. When a terrorist threatens your people, you do not have a lot of choices do you? 

Was he supposed to chain him and get him back to his dead planet, or maybe put him in a human prison, talk it out with him, what was the solution? 

Do DC and Warner want to make a billion of each movie they do, sure they do! That will not happen overnight, they need to make at least 4-5 movies and see for their core base and general audience what works and what doesn't. Until then you can all get of your high Marvel horse and stop bashing something to which you are bias from the get go.


See you at the Wonder Woman premiere guys, i know you will be there with your notebooks looking for some nit pick and a way to rate the movie 12 %.


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