Geoff Johns gives DC Nations update (possibility of Live Action TV Shows)

Are you uncertain as to what DC Nation is? Follow the jump to find out.

At today's Cartoon Network upfront Geoff Johns and Diane Nelson explain what DC Nations is:

Johns:"We'll be diving deeper into the DC Universe with characters you'd never expect us to animate. There could be any number of mediums, that's the other fun part about it,"

Diane Nelson: "It's not necessarily limited to traditional 2D or CG animation — there could be stop motion, there could be live action, whatever suits the character."

So which character to you guys want to see.

Update:Diane Nelson on DC Comics...

"DC is here to make sure that we're figuring out which adaptations of the stories and characters make sense for the medium. And that's why this block is really exciting -- because it allows us to explore and incubate beyond the traditional medium of the show.

There's a real prioritization of DC across Time Warner, so our partners are really motivated to see DC work for them and for us, as well."

Geoff Johns on Flash Movie:
Johns confirmed that DC Entertainment is still development for a theatrical film based on "The Flash."

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