The decision on whether or not to include The CW's Arrow and Flash TV shows to the expanding DC Cinematic Universe has split opinions among fans, but it looks like billionaire by day, vigilante by night, Bruce Wayne is alive and kicking on the small screen!

The CW's Arrow has pushed fan's expectations further than any comic book TV show to come before it and has helped the studio push the limits of what they can achieve in a shared TV universe. With two (brilliant) seasons under their belt and a spinoff coming this fall (The Flash), it's safe to say that DC and The CW have hit it out of the park. But... fans are still divided on whether or not Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin's title characters should join Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck on the big screen. However, it looks like The CW have taken matters into their own hands and may have added billionaire by day, vigilante by night, Bruce Wayne to their joint universe! Read on to find out how!

Is Bruce Wayne Joining The CW's DC Universe?

The CW's The Flash is still a few months away but the pilot episode has already made it's way onto the world wide web. And among other easter eggs (most notably Green Lantern history's Ferris Air) one of DC's most popular and well known  companies is thrown in, but if you blink you'll mis it! In a newspaper we see an article titled "WayneTech/Queen Inc. Merger Complete"! And unless you've never read or watched anything Batman related, no explanation is needed for WayneTech. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:

While this might just be a throwaway easter egg to us fans, it seems too big a deal to be easily dismissed. Surely, were WayneTech to become involved with Queen Incorporated it'd affect Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen. And with multiple superhero related companies, such as Ferris Air and Kord Enterprises, making appearances in The CW's shows (and don't forget those Blue Beetle and Nightwing rumors) it looks like we might be seeing a bit of everyone's favorite Gotham billionaire in the future!

What do you think? Will we be seeing the Dark Knight take up a stance in The CW's DC Universe or is it nothing but a throwaway easter egg? Sign off your thoughts on the matter below! And don't forget to hit the red glove!

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