More Clues On The Identity Of DC's New Gay Character

More Clues On The Identity Of DC's New Gay Character

Yesterday, it was revealed that DC are planning to bring back a pre-existing character but at the cost of altering his or her sexuality. DC's VP revealed a few more details about this character today.

Yesterday, Dan Didio broke the news that they were planning on bringing back a DC character but making said character come out of the closet. Well today, DC’s Senior vice president Courtney Simmons revealed more details on this mystery character.

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June”

Well at least now we have confirmation that the character is, in fact, a male and is apparently a pretty big deal to the point where she referred to him as "iconic".

All though again no name was given, at least we can narrow down some of the options now. Who do you think this mystery character is? Make sure to leave your thoughts below! Apologies in the advance for the disturbing picture.
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