More From Alan Moore On BEFORE WATCHMEN And Its Potential Readership

More From Alan Moore On BEFORE WATCHMEN And Its Potential Readership

He now loves the idea! Ok, not really. Click to find out what the legendary writer makes of the controversial spin-offs AND the fans that are thinking of purchasing them..

We have already heard a little from Alan Moore on what he thinks about DC's decision to release a series of Watchmen prequel comics. Not surprisingly the outspoken writer was not best pleased, but in a new in-depth interview with comics writer Kurt Amacker for publisher Seraphemera Books, he really lets loose. Not only on DC but on those that might be considering picking up the Before Watchmen comics when they hit shelves. It's a long, fascinating read so be sure to check out the full interview, but here are the relevant excerpts..

“This latest news wasn’t even really a surprise. I can’t imagine that if there was anybody of even average intelligence at DC, that they wouldn’t have ever wanted to bring out a load of substandard prequels and sequels… It would seem to me that in bringing out 35 books – even if these, for some reason, sell remarkably well; even if there are some people out there who are so undiscriminating that they are going to have to collect every one of these books – even if that happens, that is not going to generate enough money to reverse the comics industry’s rapidly declining fortunes. That’s not the reason why they’re bringing these things out. I don’t think that DC are interested in comics anymore.”

“As for the readers, I have to say that if you are a reader that just wanted your favourite characters on tap forever, and never cared about the creators, then actually you’re probably not the kind of reader that I was looking for. I have a huge respect for my audience. On the occasions when I meet them, they seem, I like to think, to be intelligent and scrupulous people. If people do want to go out and buy these Watchmen prequels, they would be doing me an enormous favour if they would just stop buying my other books.“

So if you are thinking of reading Before Watchmen, stop reading anything of Moore's! Right. I have enormous respect for Alan Moore and consider him one of the greatest comic writers there are, but his habit of completely dismissing these types of things before seeing how they turn out is annoying. I mean I understand where he is coming from and you have to admire his conviction, but the fact is these characters/stories are out there now and they are going to be expanded upon by others whether he likes it or not. Shouldn't he just hope for high quality? What do you guys think?

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