If you're headed to the NY Comic-Con, keep an eye out for this cool Batman swag item.

"We've seen encyclopedias and books on characters before but this is something different. Including the history of all the major Bat-characters, the presentation of files, letters, newspaper articles and pictures gives the information in a way that doesn't come across as dry or boring. You get a feel that you're actually part of the DC Universe and are reading actual documents. The author has put a great amount of detail making each piece that hasn't appeared anywhere else feel true to the comics."

Thanks to Comicvine we now have info and a full review for The Batman Files on their website.

Personally, I love things like this and I will definitely be picking it up.

The book is being published by Andrews McMeel Publishing and has a release date of October 25, 2011. But if you plan on attending New York Comic-Con, copies will be on sale there before being offered to the general public. The book has a retail price of $100 but you can find it cheaper ($61) online at places such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
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