POLL: One Year Later...What Do You Think About "The New 52" Now?

POLL: One Year Later...What Do You Think About "The New 52" Now?

It's been just about a year since DC Comics launched their "The New 52" reboot, wiping out decades worth of continuity and restarting all their books with #1 issues. So, has it been a success? Well, here's your chance to decide!

Starting with Justice League #1, DC Comics rebooted their convoluted (and arguably confusing) continuity this time last year with 52 new #1 issues. Some titles featured characters who hadn't been featured prominently in their own books for quite some time (Animal Man, Swamp-Thing), others wiped untold amounts of stories from history (Supergirl), and a few even offered an entirely new perceptive on iconic heroes (Aquaman). A few titles actually remained pretty much the same (Green Lantern) or just had impressive creative team shake-ups (Batman).

Personally, I've dropped most of the books I started reading last September, but thanks to "The New 52", I do now read a much larger selection DC titles featuring characters I had never previously considered checking out. However, it's really down to the creative teams more than the fact that most of them are a little easier to understand in this continuity. Was a reboot really necessary? Apart from a few series' (Justice League for example) it's hard to imagine them not working in the regular pre-New 52 universes with just a few cosmetic changes. It has also been far from perfect. Superman still doesn't have a must-read solo comic book series. There are too many Batman books. Many titles failed to maintain the same writer and artist for more than a couple of issues at at time. I'm sure you too can think of similar problems.

The question however, is whether or not you guys consider it to have been a success? Well, here is your chance to decide...

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