POLL: What DC Comics Title Do You Want Added To The NEW 52?

POLL: What DC Comics Title Do You Want Added To The NEW 52?

The April solicitations for DC Comics revealed two cancellations on the horizon which means two new titles will debut in May. There's an announced Superman title that's likely to be one of the new books but what about the other?


Cancelled: "G.I. Combat" cancelled in December. "Blue Beetle," "Grifter," "Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E." and "Legion Lost" all ending in January

New Series: Threshold #1 (Jan 16th), Justice League of America #1 (February 6th), Katana #1 (February 13th), JLA's Vibe #1 (February 20th), Constantine #1 (March 13th )

Note: DC is putting out a special Valentines Day One-shot in February so there will still be 52 titles that month.


Cancelled: I, Vampire and DC Universe Presents ending in April
New Series: ???

For every cancellation, there's a new title to take its place in order to keep DC's New 52 initiative at 52 issues each month. We know Man of Steel, the new Superman title from Scott Snyder and Jim Lee will have a special preview in DC's Free Comic Book Day issue out on May 4th. There's a good chance that the title could launch later that month, right before Warner Bros. release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel on June 14th. If we continue with that line of thought, that means there will be at least one new title launching in May to keep the 52 title mandate. Who would you like it to be? Perhaps a solo title for Cyborg, Shazam transitioning from being a back-up in Justice League to getting his own series or maybe that long rumored WildC.A.T.s series from Jim Lee? Or perhaps something unexpected like a series for the Robins, Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman (she's the lone Trinity member w/o multiple books) or maybe Doom Patrol? Have your own suggestion, select other and be sure to specify in the comments section.

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