Quick reviews of all titles for the new 52!

Quick reviews of all titles for the new 52!

Very short reviews of all 52 titles.

I will begin by saying I have never read a lot of these titles. But then that's what they were going for- introducing new people to these characters.
I'm very familiar with Batman, Superman, Animal Man, and maybe a few others. In general, I would have at least some knowledge of most of the other characters. But bar 2 or 3 comics, I have never read much Green Lantern, and I have never read Hawkman, or Deadman, or Jonah Hex so this was interesting.

I didn't have time to dedicate time to a lot of these- but it is supposed be a very quick review. So here ya go!

Justice League #1: 8/10- A great start, and a great way to introduce the characters. A nice, slow build.

Action Comics #1: 7/10- Grant Morrison redefines a classic character. The ‘Bruce Springsteen’ approach works surprisingly well, as does the stripping of powers.

Animal Man #1: 9/10- As a huge fan of the 80s Animal Man comics, I’m glad to see they’ve maintained the great writing. Great art too. Of all the new 52, this was my favorite.

Batgirl #1: 5/10- This was OK. Good to see Barbara back as Batgirl though, even if that does take away from The Killing Joke a little.

Batwing #1: 6/10- Great stuff here, and looking forward to more.

Detective Comics #1: 3/10- Very disappointing. Childish and cliche writing- kind of like some poor fan-fic Batman stories. An interesting ending is the only thing that saves this.

Green Arrow #1: 6/10- I’m not a Green Arrow fan, but this was a well written story.

Hawk And Dove #1: 5/10- Mediocre, but better than I thought it would be.

Justice League International #1: 4/10- Weak line-up.

Men Of War #1: 5/10- Mediocre.

Omac #1: 1/10- Incomprehensible rubbish.

Static Shock #1: 5/10- OK start but looks like it could be good.

Stormwatch #1: 5/10- Mediocre.

Swamp Thing #1: 5/10- I’m a huge Swamp Thing fan. I was looking forward to this. Not bad, but not great either.

Batman and Robin #1: 8/10- Loving this new dynamic.

Batwoman #1: 7/10- Surreal, strange, and beautiful.

Deathstroke #1: 4/10- Pretty dull.

Demon Knights #1: 3/10- Meh.

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E #1: 3/10- Nice classic Universal monsters reference, but overall pretty rubbish.

Green Lantern #1: 6/10- Unusual dynamic here, well written. Could be interesting.

Grifter #1: 5/10- Bland- probably won’t be following this. I was never a fan of Wildstorm characters anyway.

Legion Lost #1: 1/10- Total rubbish.

Mister Terrific #1: 3/10- Not interesting at all.

Red Lanterns #1: 4/10- Pretty messy, but had some interesting moments.

Resurrection Man #1: 6/10- This was OK, but can’t see it getting better.

Suicide Squad #1: 5/10- Meh.

Superboy #1: 4/10- Boring.

Batman #1: 8/10- Excellent stuff here. Glad some of the Batman titles are getting it right!

Birds Of Prey #1: 4/10- A slow burner. Only OK.

Blue Beetle #1: 5/10- Has it’s moments.

Captain Atom #1: 7/10: Very well written. Looks promising.

Catwoman #1: 8/10- A lot of controversy over this- but I loved it. Kind of wish they had re-designed the costume though; I’ve never been a fan of the goggles!

Dc Universe Presents #1: 6/10- Deadman- looked promising, but failed to deliver fully.

Green Lantern Corps #1: 7/10- Very good stuff here.

Legion Of Super Heroes #1: 1/10- DC wanted to introduce new readers to characters slowly? Then what was this? The worst of the 52 IMO.

Nightwing #1: 6/10- Little disappointed with this, but feel it could get a lot better.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #1: 7/10- Not sure about what they’re doing with Jason- toning down all that rage and that- but I loved this.

Supergirl #1: 7/10- A nice, slow start. Looking forward to seeing where this will go.

Wonder Woman #1: 6/10- I’m not a fan of Azzerello’s writing. I like this direction for Wonder Woman though. Think this will get better.

All Star Western #1: 8/10- Great stuff with Jonah Hex in Gotham.

Aquaman #1: 7/10- Great writing from Geoff Johns makes a pretty dull character into an interesting one.

Batman The Dark Knight #1: 2/10- I wasn’t a fan of volume 1, but this is just pure awful. The ending is just ridiculous.

Blackhawks #1: 4/10- Dull.

Flash #1: 3/10- Very dull. Great art though.

Fury Of Firestorm #1: 2/10- Did not enjoy this at all.

Green Lantern New Guardians #1: 5/10- Clunky writing, but has it’s moments.

I Vampire #1: 3/10- Just didn’t grip me.

Justice League Dark #1: 3/10- I was looking forward to this, especially as I’m a huge Hellblazer fan. But it was just badly written. Maybe it will improve in future with less focus on the actual Justice League, and more of Constantine et all?

Savage Hawkman #1: 3/10- Dull.

Superman #1: 4/10- Very disappointing I felt. The newspaper commentary throughout made it feel like a kid’s story book. I like the costume redesign, and I want to see where this goes. But could have been a lot better!

Teen Titans #1: 6/10- One of the better team-based issues. Gotta love Tim Drake. Still not great, but could get better.

Voodoo #: 4/10- Again, not a Wildstorm fan. And definitely not a Voodoo fan. Though I added a point for the hotness ;)
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