This week Cyborg seeks the help of the Metal Men to assist in his battle against The Grid. Find out what I thought in my latest review.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #28 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Scott Hanna

This month brings us the penultimate Forever Evil tie-in in the pages of Justice League and the Metal Men take the spotlight. Honestly, I didn't think I'd care for this issue because I'm not a fan of the Metal Men. Leave it to Geoff Johns to shatter my expectations. I've said before that his superpower is to make any character he touches an A-Lister and that is certainly what happens here.

This issue follows Cyborg as he tries to convince Dr. Will Magnus to allow the Metal Men to join his fight against The Grid. Last month Cyborg was given a new, sleeker body, but I actually prefered his previous "human tank" look. Much of the issue is spent in a flashback that details The New 52 origin of the Metal Men. Each robot has a unique voice and personality. I'm aware that isn't a new concept for this team, but Johns really added a new level of charm to it. It's also interesting to know that Vince McMahon apparently never purchased WCW back in 2001 and that company is still doing business in the DC Universe. I wonder how many World Championships David Arquette has won by now. Mercury also got a certain song stuck in my head (embedded below) when he spoke of a "robot revolution".

Three artists worked on this issue (Ivan Reis provided layouts with Joe Prado and Scott Hanna doing finishes), but it luckily maintains a great consistency throughout. I'm very curious to see how the Metal Men will help Cyborg turn the tide against the Crime Syndicate as Forever Evil nears the finish line. When Forever Evil and this particular arc of Justice League are eventually collected into trades, I think they absolutely must be read together. It's kind of like how Blackest Night: Green Lantern was the most important companion piece to Blackest Night. How does Geoff Johns make spectacular and definitive superhero storytelling look so easy? Score: 9/10

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