SPOILERS: DC Resurrected And Killed Off One Of Their Greatest Villains In BATMAN #21

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> DC Resurrected And Killed Off One Of Their Greatest Villains In BATMAN #21

An iconic villain from the original DC Universe recently made his return, but in the pages of Batman #21, he was swiftly dealt with by a powerful being who may or may not be Dr. Manhattan...

The DC Universe has been thrown into chaos thanks to the events of Rebirth. The returning Wally West revealed that someone - presumably Dr. Manhattan - stole 10 years from this world and a lot of Flashpoint era characters have been returning lately as a result. Among them was the original Eobard Thawne/Zoom/Reverse-Flash, but shockingly, the villain has already been taken off the board.

In Batman #21, Reverse-Flash arrived at the Batcave planning to kill Bruce Wayne in a bid to get revenge on his father Thomas. He killed Zoom in the Flashpoint timeline (where he was Batman). 

After savagely beating Batman and leaving him unconscious, Zoom inspects The Comedian's bloodied badge and suddenly vanishes in a flash of blue light. He reappears moments later rambling about seeing God, but half his body has been vaporised and he quickly slumps to the floor, dead.
Dr. Manhattan is big on vaporising people, but why he did completely obliterate the villain is hard to say.

The end of the issue makes it clear that Batman and The Flash will be investigating Reverse-Flash's murder, so we'll hopefully get more answers as "The Button" crossover rolls on in both titles.

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