SPOILERS: SUICIDE SQUAD Kills Off A Major Player From The Movie In Issue #2

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> SUICIDE SQUAD Kills Off A Major Player From The Movie In Issue #2

Proving that pretty much anything goes in the DC Rebirth status quo, this week's issue of Suicide Squad mercilessly killed off a member of Task Force X and brought back a surprise Superman villain...

Did you enjoy seeing Captain Boomerang in Suicide Squad? Well, you'd best hope Jai Courtney signed a multi-picture deal as he's a gonner in the comic books as of this week! As you can see below, nothing but a pair of boots were left of the fan-favourite Task Force X member after he was hit by a blast of energy heralding the arrival of the villainous General Zod. Is he really gone though? Perhaps not.

While it does seem as if poor old Digger Harkness has been blown to pieces, the fact that Zod was returning from the Phantom Zone could mean that (a shoeless) Captain Boomerang ended up being sent there in his place. That might be a stretch though, and for now, it definitely seems like he's dead. Are you guys disappointed with DC's apparent decision to kill of this member of the Suicide Squad? 



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