staypuffed Reviews: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 (2013)

staypuffed Reviews: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #1 (2013)

As we all know, Man of Steel has hit our screens to a hugely successful box office intake. As they reinvent Superman on screen, how does issue #1 of the widely anticipated Scott Snyder/Jim Lee Superman series stack up? staypuffed reviews!

ISSUE #1 | WRITER Scott Snyder ART Jim Lee (pencils) Scott Williams (inks) Alex Sinclair (colours) PUBLISHER DC Comics

75 years ago, Action Comics #1 laid the foundations for the superhero, and in 2013, two of the biggest talents in the industry present Superman Unchained #1, an ambiguous, spectacular and intriguing opening to what is sure to be a blockbuster title not to be missed.

In this hefty-priced issue, we see Kal-El in Clark Kent and Superman mode, both of which are very wordy. Acclaimed Batman writer Scott Snyder adds a very personal touch to his monologues and builds a mystery that is not explored in too much depth to allow for exploration in later issues. The plot mumbles along, slowly adding more pieces to a puzzle that asks more than it answers. This is a slow burner in plot, but in action, it delivers.


Jim Lee (Batman: Hush, Justice League) is truly remarkable. Every panel bursts with energy, extraordinarily detailed and as always is wonderfully inked and coloured by Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair, respectively. There’s huge, high-octane action that is as epic as it is thrilling. The spectacular artwork reaches its high point with an unbelievable double-sided four page spread.

Snyder is attempting to bring us a Superman mystery, something he nailed on his New 52 Batman runs. For every explosive action page, there is a mystery to unfold, a story to uncover and relatable emotion. There’s never been a better time to reinvent the Man of Steel. With Superman Unchained, the ‘S’ is not silent. It’s only getting louder.

VERDICT: ★★★★ (Awesome)
This is a series to watch. It may not have a lot to say yet, but in the end it will be worth it...
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