Superman Beats Batman... In Pricy Collectible Comics

Superman Beats Batman... In Pricy Collectible Comics

Thanks to another record breaking comic book sale, Superman is back on top.

Superman is back on top again, at least as far as record breaking comic book sales go. This from the L.A. Times.......

A copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No. 1, featuring the first appearance of Superman, sold Monday for $1.5 million on the auction website The issue, originally sold for 10 cents, is widely considered the Holy Grail of comic books.

The same issue sold in February for $1 million, though that copy wasn't in as good condition as the issue that sold Monday. That number was bested just days later when a 1939 comic book featuring Batman's debut sold for $75,000 more at an auction in Dallas.

The buyer is described as an unknown comic book fanatic. I would say so if he's going to spend that kind of coin on a comic book.

So I guess the debate is over, Superman beats Batman.........well, at least when it comes to sales of their first ever adventures.

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