Superman's Return To Action Comics Did Not Disappoint

Superman's Return To Action Comics Did Not Disappoint

I know it's little late but here's my review of the second printing of Action Comics #900

This week, I have bought the second printing of Action Comics # 900 and I have to say that this issue did not disappoint at all. I believe that Paul Cornell really outdid himself with Superman finally returning to Action Comics after the conclusion of Lex Luthor’s quest for power. What shocked me was the revelation of Luthor being behind the reign of doomsday but probably should have seen it coming when he was working on the monster in the new krypton saga. The greatest moment in this issue would be when Lex tries to torture Superman with all the painful times in Superman’s life from the death of Superman to the destruction of New Krypton.

After trying to break Superman, he shows Luthor the most painful time in his which was the death of Jonathan Kent where Luthor figures out that Clark Kent is Superman. That made me feel not only sorry for Superman again for his loss of Pa Kent but also for Lex because of how he was jealous that Superman had the Kents while he had Lionel for a father. That is where Lex’s downfall begin, his jealousy towards Superman once again got in his way of what he could have accomplished. I really loved Joker’s cameo in this issue where he laughs at Lex “playing a big joke on the universe and himself”

As for Doomsday, I loved the twist to the end where the real Doomsday was still dead and three Doomsdays are clones and the beginning of the Reign of Doomsday. Two of my favorite short stories in this issue were Life Support and The Incident. Life Support gave us a touchy glimpse of Jor-el’s last day on Krypton and close to the end where he’s holding baby Kal-el brought tears to gilrfriend’s eyes. The Incident which was written by Man of Steel writer David S Goyer, showed what Superman would do with the current crisis in the middle east. One of the most interesting thing about this short story was that Superman renounced his citizenship. Immediately, the media starts freaking out and it was just amazing how America could turn on the Man of Steel when he’s only fictional plus it was only a short story. Even DC Comics said that Superman renouncing his citizenship was out of continuity as seen in Superman #711. Overall, all of the short stories were good but Life Support and The Incident are my favorite. I would highly recommend fans to pick up Action Comics # 900 if they did not get it yet.

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