The All Time Most Underrated DC Movie....Animated one, that is

The All Time Most Underrated DC Movie....Animated one, that is

Your Mom's favorite User finally debuts in the Editorial Section!
Some nice and constructive positive feedback would be greatly welcomed my fellow users, as I state my opinion on what the most underrated DC Animated movie of all time is by us the fans.

I would like to clearly state some things before I shall give way onto my editorial. First this is mearly my own opinion, second I wish to thank for being a great site which has given me multiple forms of entretainment, also to my girl ( J ) for supporting and helping me reach this point and lastly I would like to give a big THANK YOU and Shout out to JamesMan for helping me make my way onto The Editorial section.

Now onto what everyone has been eagerly waiting even more than Batman Vs Superman... 

DCGuy Presents: The All Time Most Underrated DC Movie....Animated one, that is. 


This gem came out on March 3 2009, more than 5 years ago and it is to me hands down the BEST DC animated movie ever, WHY? I'll tell you why, 

The Art & Animation
the style of animation and art of this movie is Wonderful, it's very vivid and it highlights multiple details on mutliple characters, unlike many other animated movies Wonder Woman and cast are not over buffed 6 pack rocking that have no neck or muscles in places that we don't even have muscles at heros/villains they are more of a normal yet  visibly strong characther with detailed strong arms and bodies but not buff, the colors are very faithful and easy on the eyes, with great details on many details of the characters and surroundings.

The Story
this is a GREAT telling og Wonder Womans origin, everything from a very well and logic connections to the gods of olympus, Steve trevor relationship, The Amazon way of life & thought even to the why is Wonder Woman's suit the way it is, the movie does a great job of not only showing that Wonder Woman is a great character in her own right but shows a lot of Steve trevor, The Amazons, Hades, Ares and multiple other characters.
IF we are soon to get a Wonder Woman movie as the rumors say, I must insist that THIS movie is the clear blueprint for that live action film, it has everything even to the subtle yet clear ending as to the future of Wonder woman, her Relationship with Steve, The Amazons and the outside world, heck! we even get Cheetah in the final moments of the movie a classic nod to not only a lot of the Wonder Woman history but justice to the character and it's roots. there are a few cons but the biggest one to me are the voice actors who are not the ones I grew up with and the fact that the movie while we see decapitation in it the gore & blood are clearly missing in many parts to give it that "real" feel but This is movie I suggest Everyone to see if you ever have any doubts that Wonder Woman has no great history, Origin, Universe on her own, Character or Potential.

On that note DCGuy is out! now if any of you are so kind to contribute to my growth in the Editorial World I would be very happy! 
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