The many 'New' looks of Superman (Editorial)

The many 'New' looks of Superman (Editorial)

In this short and brief piece, I will take a quick look at the number style of Superman costume that has cropped up since the new 52 launched.

Hello everyone, this is my first article, so please be gentle with me. I have written a couple of 'fan fix' pieces for the sight based around Superman, but now I just wanted to discuss and go through the new looks of Superman that have emerged since the launch of the new 52.

For each suit I will look at what I like, don't like and what, if anything, any special features the costume may have.

NUMBER 1) New 52 Superman Suit.

I am a big Superman fan, but I have felt he has needed an update

What I like: I was quite happy with the new 52 design. I didn't feel they need to to go too crazy with adding colour once the red underwear, or is that outerwear, was removed. Furthermore I also like the idea of he suit being from Krypton, but perhaps would have preferred to see it handed down to him, rather than just put on drawing a fight with 'The Collector'

What I don't like: I think I speak for almost everyone when I say, "The suit shouldn't be armour." I has really bugged me that they made it something indestructible. I see why because I believe it saves having to have him remaking his suit after battles, and perhaps the whole it is 'his aura' that stops the suit from breaking, just wasn't going to cut it. However I think yes maybe have it stronger than your average suit, but not full on bullet proof, it takes a lot away from Superman himself. That also brings me on to second thing I really am not a fan of, why does the suit appear like it is Iron Mans' Extremis costume? When I read that my first thought was of the Spider-Man unlimited cartoon.

So overall I would say I like the look, but not the suits functions. SCORE: 6.5/10

NUMBER 2) Smallville Season 11 Comic Suit.

Firstly can I say that I was a fan of Smallville, it had its hits and misses, but overall it put a comic book character on screen for 10 years, a feat that should be admired no matter how good or bad you think the show was.

What I like: I downloaded issue 1 season 11 and found that I really liked this costume. Something about it seems, a) Very Smallville, but b) A modern Superman Suit.

I like the difference in the blue tones and I actually like the belt as it seems to break up the suit a little better than the above example. However this is also a suit with function, which seems to make sense to me, firstly it does seem Clark is making these costumes, and adapting them based on a threat. He mentions he has put a lead plate over the chest to stop Kryptonite bullets, which is an idea I thought was interesting, as meant Supe's actually felt threatened. The belt might be bordering to much on the 'Bat utility belt' side of things, especially with built in pager, but as along as it doesn't go too much further, then I can live with it.

What I don't like: This was a struggle for me as i genuinely found myself really liking this costume, I had to re - look at it, but I even think the cape is the right length, but the things I perhaps did not like are the choice of blue, I find it a bit too light for my taste. Also I don't mind piping in a costume, however feel it is starting to get a little over used. This also may sound like an odd thing to say also, but as much as I do like it, there is still something telling me it isn't perfect, but yet I can't put my finger on it, so I don't know, but in terms of the two comics, I personally think it is the better of the two.

Overall, I like it a lot, it isn't perfect, however had some good ideas 6/10

NUMBER 3) Man of Steel Costume

I will stress, that without seeing the movie I have based this opinion on the set photos, and as such with movie colour correction and FX's the suit's finished look could change.

What I like: The alien look to it looks great, and it looks like it might be something that is handed to him from Jor-El, based on the set photos. I think texture they have added, assuming it is based on the idea it is alien is nice and really gives the suit, which is effectively a full body costume, a way to break it up into various parts. Where this suit won me over early on, was the does it look regal, and so much like he is a king, which for me Superman is the king, the king of superheroes, anyways that is another article for another time. The 'S' seems to fit well too when on his chest, so overall this has been a great update so far for the the onscreen Superman.

What I don't like: Well...the belt, I guess as much as the 'alien' markings too break up the suit when the cape is around Superman it is hard to see them. Therefore the only breakup between top and bottom, is the belt, and for me, it just seems a little too small. No I didn't want it to be an 'S' shield belt buckle as I feel that is over kill, but felt as the line came from around his waist it should have expanded more into something that they perhaps could have added a tad more colour to. Again I know Cavill is built for the role, but again from the set photos, some of the padding looks a bit obvious, but this is something I am sure will be avoided in the film. Lastly I like the 'S', but again in my opinion I don't like the texture being all over it. I think I have always wanted to see a metal type 'S' in the movies.

To sum up I like where this suit is going, and although I will score it, I fully expect that score to change once I see it in some form of action, so anyways 8/10.

Well hope you have enjoyed this article, will be some errors I am sure, as this is my first. Let me know your opinions, they will be treated with respect, as the above was my opinion, so looking forward to hearing what you think to and having discussion about the changes.

In the meantime...HAPPY FRIDAY from New Zealand!!!
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