The Saving Grace of The New 52 And It's Greatest Disappointment

The Saving Grace of The New 52 And It's Greatest Disappointment

A little while ago I posted an editorial that was less than optimistic about The New 52. Zero Month has shown me a new hope...and a bitter disappointment. I believe many will agree with me.

It's late. Too late, really, to have dived into my stack of Zero Month DC comics, but I have made an amazing discovery...and sadly, a very profound realization about my favorite comic of all time...

As stated in the title for this article, there is a saving grace of the New 52 that many have over-looked. Something so great that it has truly eclipsed the many problems with the New 52.

I am talking about Animal Man and The Swamp Thing.

I know there are fervent supporters of these New 52 titles, some of them have even found appreciation for these characters mostly, as I have, BECAUSE of the New 52. But I wish to make a point to those who have either ignored these titles, or have not given the credit they are due.

Before I get into that point though, I want to discuss the other point of this article. The ultimate disappoint I found in Zero Month; Green Lantern #0.

Firstly, I am an enormous supporter of a new Earth-born Lantern in the 2010's. I also love all supporters of the idea that the new Lantern should have been female. I believe, with the absence of Jade(Alan Scott's daughter, like Wally West, Stephanie Brown and others have been deleted from the DC Universe) the Green Lantern Mythos would have benefitted by a new FIRST female earth-born Lantern, but I digress.

Simon Baz is quite frankly, not Green Lantern material. I LOVE that he is Muslim. I LOVE it! But...if Hal and Sinestro take the backburner to him in what is decidedly the most exciting thing since Blackest Night, then his introduction, as politically heavy and relevant as it is, will merely be remembered as a ploy to boost Geoff Johns ego. That would be awful. Truly awful. Before getting back to my main point, I will concede that it is too early to make a definitive statement on Simon Baz as a Green Lantern as we know he will one day join the new team, The Justice League of America. But as a part of this Zero Month Event, Green Lantern #0 gives me an uneasy feeling about the power given to Johns' in the future of DC Comics.

To return to my ultimate thesis though, I want to say this...


If you love the DC Universe, read both these comics. Now.

Here's why...

Animal Man and Swamp Thing #0 have cemented a villain of amazing THREAT. A Threat to the EARTH that makes Darkseid's forray into the DC Universe look microscopic in comparison. WHY? Because Anton Arcane is a threat to Earth! All life on Earth. We live on Earth. And even in the comic book world, we care most about Earth.

Who cares if Hellspont is threatening Superman's Earth, while Anton Arcane is actually making us believe he can destroy all life. It's what he wants. It's what he was put on this Earth to do. Simple as that.

Don't get me wrong Folks, I want Geoff Johns to pull off something amazing. But I also don't want to wait. I don't think he can top Blackest Night. I can appreciate anyone who didn't like Blackest Night so I don't want to hear that you didn't like Blackest Night. I want to give the gift of Swamp Thing and Animal Man's amazing story to the many who haven't give it a shot.

If you love the DC Universe and have been disappointed with it's mainstream stories, then do yourself a favor and read every issue of those two comics you can. The Zero Month issues do something no other New 52 story has been able to do; Retain the essence of the Hero in it's most complete form and make it better! Just like Geoff Johns did with our beloved Hal Jordan in 2004.

Swamp Thing AND Animal Man is where it's at now, folks. You can trust me.
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