Two Reasons The New 52 Is Disliked

Two Reasons The New 52 Is Disliked

Two Reasons The New 52 Is Disliked

So it's been about a year since DC Comics launched "The New 52" out of the ashes of Flashpoint...while some comics are great to many (Batman, Nightwing, Swamp Thing, Aquaman) others are disliked by many (Red Hood & The Outlaws, Deathstroke, Mr. Terrific, Hawk & Dove), Hybrid gives you explanations as to possibly why.

Hello users, Hybrid here with the top two reasons the "New 52" is disliked in a general view, so I'm not talking about just one comic individually. The two reasons are simple, CONTINUITY & CHARACTER CHANGES, which both at times blend together making a grey spot but for the most part are separate.

1) Continuity:
When DC started their reboot many people had this question, "What is still canon and what has been taken out?". For a few comics many things are the same if not completely unchanged (Green Lantern) while others are mild to heavily changed (Justice League). Another question, which very good, is this, "Is this a NEW universe or still the same one as before?". The answer to that is actually simple, it is. The new universe is called Earth Prime or Prime Earth instead of New Earth. Confirmed at these links:
James Robinson's Confirmation
Dan DiDio's Confirmation
This confuses readers as they don't know what is still "true" and if "X-thing" still applies to the character. Also, many characters are altered too, which brings us to our next reason....

2) Character Changes:
Many characters have been altered or even deleted from the comics due to the New 52, here's a short list of changes (major & minor)....

  • Amanda Waller is now SKINNY
  • Donna Troy & Walley West DON'T EXIST
  • NO previous Blue Beetle before Jaime Reyes
  • Superman has NO Fortress of Solitude
  • Tim Drake was NEVER Robin
  • Beast Boy is RED
  • Cyborg is a FOUNDING member of the Justice League
  • Barbara Gordan ISN'T paralyzed anymore & is still/only was Batgirl
  • Tim Drake makes the FIRST Teen Titans
  • Krypton's destruction related to CLONING
  • NO Justice Society & Alan Scott is GAY
  • Batman has been active for about 5 years with 3-4 Robins?

There are many more but I think this makes the point, many things regarding characters and the characters in general have been altered/erased. This leaves many fans of the characters angry, like me with Tim Drake's changes, and also confused, as previous comics have stated things that directly go against these changes (various #1 issues). Changes in-turn affect continuity as well, leaving many holes in character's histories and producing many questions for DC Comics. I would like to end it off by stating something I saw a fellow user write when the New 52 was announced, "FULL reboot with no confusing continuity or leave it alone".

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