UPDATE: Comics: First Look At Jim Lee & Geoff Johns' Justice League #1

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> Comics: First Look At Jim Lee & Geoff Johns' <i>Justice League</i> #1

Following on from the news that after Flashpoint, DC will be resetting the clock on their titles and starting again with all #1st issues, we have word that two of the best in the business will be brining us the first issue of the new Justice League..

Bleeding Cool are reporting that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee will work together for the very first time on a new Justice League comic when things are restarted with all titles going back to "No.1" after Flashpoint.

It will feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and several other characters following the current Flashpoint crossover. It’s the return of the World’s Greatest Superheroes to the book for the first time in years.

Apparently the series will begin around September. Notice there will be no subtitle.."International".."Of America", just Justice League. Both Johns and Lee have been incredibly popular figures in comics for many years now, with Johns taking an active role in DC's cinematic offerings too. No more info is currently available for this new comic, but one thing is for sure, it should be worth waiting for!

Update: USA Today have some more info on this. Justice League #1 will hit shelves August 31st, and it appears the team will consist of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Here is an excerpt from their article..

Johns promises a focus on the interpersonal relationships within DC's trademark superteam. "What's the human aspect behind all these costumes?" he says. "That's what I wanted to explore."

In September, more than 50 more first issues will debut, introducing readers to stories that are grounded in each character's specific legend but also reflect today's real-world themes and events. Lee spearheaded the redesign of more than 50 costumes to make characters more identifiable and accessible to comic fans new and old.

"We looked at what was going on in the marketplace and felt we really want to inject new life in our characters and line," says Dan DiDio, who co-publishes DC with Lee. "This was a chance to start, not at the beginning, but at a point where our characters are younger and the stories are being told for today's audience."

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