Updates For Lobo And Green Hornet

Updates For <i>Lobo</i> And <i>Green Hornet</i>

Bad news for the upcoming comic book movies including the Green Hornet, Jonah Hex and Lobo!

IESB.net reports that some of the upcoming comic book films such as Green Hornet and Lobo are in bad situation.

First up is the Green Hornet.Apparently Sony executives are not happy with the results of the final product and that the film is going against Tron:Legacy and the new Narnia film:

-The tone is too campy, they're not happy with the work from director Michel Gondry and Seth Rogen does not look the part. At all. In fact, the feeling at Sony is the movie is a disaster.

Next up are Lobo and Jonah Hex:

-The real issue at hand is several of the top Warner Bros. executives have lost faith in Akiva Goldman's producorial skills. This is a direct result of their not-so-hot reaction to The Losers and especially Jonah Hex. The latter required massive reshoots (in excess of 50 pages worth of new material) and another director in studio go-to guy Francis Lawrence was brought to call the shots. So basically Lobo won't be happening anytime soon.

So, many were wondering how will the Green Hornet look like, so now here is your answer; apparently not good. Also, I really want to know what is going on with Jonah Hex. Film is set to hit theatres on June 18 and we have nothing but that teaser poster...

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