Warner Bros. To Sell DC Comics If MAN OF STEEL Sequel Fails!?

Warner Bros. To Sell DC Comics If MAN OF STEEL Sequel Fails!?

You read that headline right! According to a source Warner Bros. is considering selling DC comics if the Man of Steel sequel fails expectations! Take the jump to read more!

So I've know this source for a pretty long time, and even he doesn't believe what he's hearing, but he decided to share this information with me and I decided to share it with all of you because, well, because this is the only site I write on. So enough beating around the bush, you want to know more about this story so this is what the source said (I changed his, and others, name for their protection). 

Source: I know it's been a long time since I told you anything about DC movies, but I think you'd like to hear this bit of news. So I was doing the normal runs about a week ago and I overheard some "suits" talking about Man of Steel's sequel. Now prepare yourself because this might get heavy. So the two "suits" were talking about a back up plan for the DC Cinematice Universe if the Man of Steel sequel failed to meet the studio's expections. These two are pretty big "suits" in the business and have some pull. So they were discussing many things and one brought up was the possibilty of selling DC Comics, but keeping Batman, to another business. They specifically named two studios: FOX or Sony as being the front runners to pick up DC Comics. Well, I've got to let you go. Until next time!

Oh man, oh man! Fox or Sony being front runners to get DC comics if Warner Calls it quit against Marvel. Well they're preparing by keeping Batman, but what about Superman? I asked him what were Warner Bros. expectations for the Man of Steel sequel and he told me that Warner Bros was expecting a "better critcal hit than Man of Steel and a $1.5+ billion dollars from box office".  This is some weird news. Can you imagine Warner Bros. selling DC Comics to FOX or Sony? I know I can't.


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