Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of A DEATH OF THE FAMILY Conclusion

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of A DEATH OF THE FAMILY Conclusion

Whats under the platters?! This week DC's big multi-issue crossover event, A Death Of The Family, comes to a conclusion in the pages of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman #17. Click here to see my take, and see if the issue lived up to the hype.

After months of build up, spanning over all of the Bat Family books, A Death Of The Family is coming to a close in Batman #17. The rock solid team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo look to bring this twisted tale to an end. It all comes down to this, The Joker has hit Batman where it hurts the most, and now he has sat him down for one last family dinner.

Going into the book my excitement level was through the roof, I could not wait to see what kind of a crazy ending Snyder has cooked up for this big event. When I started reading the first couple of pages my expectations grew. Snyder does do a good job of capturing the "romance" that Batman and Joker share. He has also been able to grasp The Joker's thoughts, ideas, and his obsession with Batman. However, the ending of the book seemed flat to me. Could it possibly be that the book was too over hyped? Maybe, but there just seems to be more questions than answers. That being said it is a very good book, it just came up a little short as far as the ending of a big cross over event.

Capullo's art is well worth the price of the book. His knack for not only drawing Batman, but also The Joker made him the perfect artist for this book. Flipping through page after page Joker's face gets a little more disgusting, and it's just simply amazing. After going back and reading the book a couple of time, I was able to pick up details that I overlooked in my first readings. That is what kept the book fresh and exciting, and keeps me reading.


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