Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of DETECTIVE COMICS #16

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of DETECTIVE COMICS #16

DC's big Batman event, Death Of The Family, continues in the pages of Detective Comics when it is released later today. Click here to see my take on John Layman and Jason Fabok second tie in to the event.

Death Of The Family is in full swing. DC’s next big story line for the Batman Family is spanning over the pages of multiple Bat titles, including Detective Comics. John Layman is currently handling writing duties on the title with Jason Fabok doing the art. While the title its self doesn’t shake the Earth with major plot points, the momentum Layman has gained while on Detective does not waver in the least bit.

Layman is able to lay some ground work of just how far The Joker’s grip on Gotham reaches. While he doesn’t actually appear in the book, his presence is felt throughout, and makes for some on the edge of your seat reading. Layman’s dark way of telling his stories are right up Batman’s ally, and shines through in this book. While most of his dialogue in the book is really well done, sometime Batman can come off sounding robotic. However, it doesn’t take away from the amazing story that he has crafted that culminates in a heart pounding ending.

Being able to tell the story is one thing, but to be able to express it the way Fabok is able to with his art is another. His dark a detailed work is represented so well by the characters and landscapes that he has been assigned to draw. While Layman’s story is dark, Fabok’s art drives the point home by making it even darker.

Detective Comics is a fun read that tells a dark and entertaining story by using great visuals and edge of your seat suspense.


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