Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of GREEN ARROW #17

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of GREEN ARROW #17

Looking to give it a new shot of life, DC has shaken up the creative team on Green Arrow. Starting with issue 17 Jeff Lemire takes over as writer on the book with Andrea Sorrentino tasked with the art. Did they hit the mark? Click here to see my take.

Green Arrow is getting a reboot of sorts in the pages of his own comic. Newly anointed writer, Jeff Lemire, takes over the adventures of Oliver Queen in Green Arrow #17. It is being described as a bold new direction for the book, and if the rest of his run in any thing like the first issue, fans are in for a wild ride.

DC has struggled to get Green Arrow going in the New 52. It sputtered out of the gate, and they have been looking to rebound ever since. To reinvigorate the character they turned to Jeff Lemire, who deliverers in a big way with this issue. While the book starts out like what seems any plain ol' Green Arrow book, Lemire quickly changes that by delivering one shocking turn after another. Just when you think the book is about to end, you get hit with even more. He provides a refreshing ending, that will ultimately lead you to pick up issue two.

While my preference is usually geared towards more detailed art work, artist Andrea Sorrentino peaked my interest in the book, and compliments Lemire's story telling. The art is very reminiscent of Tim Sale, but is still able to put a unique flare on it to call it his own. While some of the drawings where just too grainy and plain, it once again just has to do with my own personal preference of more detailed art work, and it now way shape or form distracted from the story.


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