Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of GREEN LANTERN VOLUME 2

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of GREEN LANTERN VOLUME 2

Green Lantern Volume 2: Revenge of Black Hand hits stores today when your comic shop opens, and the fine people at DC Comics sent me a copy to early to review. Click here to see my take on this collection of Green Lantern stories.

All the dust has settled on DC’s New 52 re-launch, and they are releasing their second volumes of graphic novels. Geoff Johns, looking to capitalize on his successful run with the first volume, takes us even deeper into the Green Lantern mythos by exploring the compassionate Indigo Tribe. Keeping the team of Hal Jordan and Sinestro intact, Johns takes you on a wild adventure that ultimately culminates with a show down between our heroes and Black Hand, as well as teases the reveal of the First Lantern.

Johns has really found himself a niche when it comes to writing Green Lantern. The stories that he is able to tell with these particular sets of characters rival that of some of the greatest runs in comic history. That continues here in the in this hardback collection of Green Lantern issues 7-12 along with Green Lantern Annual #1. Johns looks to give us a back story to the famed Indigo Tribe, and delivers with shocking revelations and amusing twists. On top of dealing with The Indigo Tribe, Johns delivers an intriguing story dealing with the Revenge of Black Hand. Which begs the question, will Hal Jordan become the greatest Black Lantern of them all? If the Indigo Tribe and Black Hand wasn’t enough to take in, Johns uses The Guardians of the Universe as a carefully laid back story to set up future issues of his run which will ultimately lead to the reveal of The First Lantern.

Johns uses each character, with the exception of Carol Ferris, usefully in the story. The banter between Hal and Sinestro is compelling and makes you feel uncomfortable in a good way. These two really hate each other, but have to find a way to work together to achieve a common goal. Like I said earlier, using Carol Ferris in the story just seems to be page filler. She really serves no purpose to the story and just shows up during random times.

Not to be out done by Johns’ story telling abilities, Doug Mahnke delivers with his art. The story is only as good as the artist that can provide the visuals, and Mahnke does not disappoint. He delivers with his, as usual, extremely detailed line work while making the action sequences look absolutely breathtaking. Making a guest appearance on The Revenge of Black Hand story is Rento Guedes and Jim Calafiore as well as the always reliable Ethan Van Sciver. All three artists step in and fill the void that was left behind by Mahnke with precision, and an acute eye for telling the story visually.

The book its self is a durable hardback edition. It offers up not only the beautifully colored covers and variant covers, but it also gives you a look at the sketches for each cover. While the lack of creator commentary is a disappointment, it is a minor gripe that shouldn’t detour you from picking this book up later today when your comic shop opens.

Using Geoff Johns’ compelling story telling abilities with complex and detailed art work Green Lantern Volume 2 is a must have for any Green Lantern fan’s collection.

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