Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of Justice League #1

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of Justice League #1

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of <i>Justice League #1</i>

I know we are comicbookMOVIE.com, but I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you after picking up and reading the new Justice League #1 written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee.

When hearing about the new DC 52 I was extremely skeptical. Why would you reboot so many iconic characters and stories? As information started to roll out I became less and less skeptical. First major news to come out was that all-star writer Geoff Johns and award winning artist Jim Lee would be handling the new Justice League. This to me was great news, I wasn't this excited about a DC writer/artist team up since Jeph Loeb and Lee worked on Hush together. Earlier Josh Wilding posted some reviews from other sites about what they thought of the first issue of Justice League. So I decided to give you guys some one on this sites perspective on it and do a review my self. While I have made my best effort not to, be warned of possible spoilers.

Justice League starts us off deep in the heart of Gotham in typical Batman fashion. Batman on roof tops chasing down a villain, what is interesting about this go around though is that Justice League #1 takes place before costumed heroes are accepted. So not only does Batman have his villain he has to worry about he has the local authorities as well. Batman runs into Green Lantern and this is where John's writing really shines. Geoff John's knows how to write Hal Jordan. Maybe I have a bad taste in my mouth from Ryan Reynold's portrayal of Jordan, but Johns mixes Hall's coolness with his arrogance and makes him in to someone that you defiantly want on your team, but you also wouldn't mind taking a swing at him.

We also get our first look at Ford High School football stand out Victor Stone A.K.A. Cyborg. Here again Johns shows off his incredible writing ability by bringing in a depth to a story about a kid who seems to have it all yet doesn't have what he wants the most.

While wrapping the story up Lee gives us our first(one page) look at Superman. Johns sets up, very nicely, a confrontation between Batman and Superman in next months issue. With his one page in the book Superman makes his presence known and known in a big way.

Overall the book was a fun read nothing significant happened that blew me away but then again it is just the first issue of what looks to be an amazing story arc. Geoff John's nailed each character, and makes you want to count down the days until the next issue. To compliment Johns, Lee puts your right in the heart of the action with his art. His Green Lantern constructs are breath taking as well and there are not shortage of them in this issue. I also have to mention inker Scott Williams who gives Jim Lee's art so much depth and colorist Alex Sinclair who makes the art pop right off the page at you. A great way to start off the new 52, and raise the bar for the other writers and artist.

This issue get 4 out of 5 stars.

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