Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of This Week's RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY Tie-Ins

Waylon Weighs In: A Review Of This Week's RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY Tie-Ins

The newest Green Lantern event, Rise Of The Third Army, is in full swing over at DC, and the tie-in event will release two new issues today in Green Lantern, and Green Lantern Corps. Click here to check out my take on them.

Not to be out done by Batman’s mutli-issue tie in, The Green Lantern Corps have one of their own titled Rise Of The Third Army. Simon Baz has just received his Green Lantern Ring, and still getting use to how to wield it in the 16th issue of Green Lantern. Geoff Johns pens the script for the book, while Doug Mahnke is the current artist.

The story picks up right after the events of issue number 15, with Baz getting some help from an unlikely source. While the story was a little slow for my likening, Johns is still able to push the book along and get it where it needs to go by the end of the issue. This issue is more about character development for the newly anointed Green Lantern, and does provide some good insight as to who he is and what he is about. The real treat came at the end of the issue, with Johns giving us to a twist ending that deal with Hal Jordan and Sinestro’s current predicament.

While the usually steady Doug Mahnke is the artist on this book, this issue seemed to be a little bit of a miss for him. His panels are a little inconsistent, with some really stunning artwork, followed by shots that make the characters look a little misshapen. It’s not enough make the reading of the book any less enjoyable, however, it is a little distracting.


Continuing on with the Rise Of The Third Army story, Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin bring us Green Lantern Corps #16. This book takes place right after Johns’ issue, and focuses on Guy Gardner dealing with the consequences of issue 15.

Tomasi, like he was able to do in Batman And Robin, can really write family conflict. Your heart really goes out to Guy’s family as they try and find away to help him. What the issue does, that Johns didn’t do in Green Lantern, is bring the action. The Third Army is in full kill mode, and it makes for a fun and exciting read, that ultimately leads to a Simon Baz guest staring in the issue as well. No real surprise or twist ending to leave you hanging until next issue, which was a little disappointing and refreshing all at the same time.

As good as the story is in the issue, I’m not a fan of the art. Pasarin just seems to go overboard on his art work, and it take too much away from the story. It would be okay, if he scaled it back a bit, but he just seems to add line after line. All that being said, on close up panels of characters faces, his artwork does shine through, it’s just not enough to save the entire issue from his overly busy pencil work.


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