What DC Comics Property Is Barry Sonnenfeld Adapting For WB? Find Out Here

What DC Comics Property Is Barry Sonnenfeld Adapting For WB? Find Out Here

A while ago our own Josh Wilding uncovered the news that the MIB 3 director was working on a comic book movie for Warner Bros. Now Vulture have discovered which one, but you won't guess what it is..

In an interview with Josh a while back, Barry Sonnenfeld revealed that he was in talks with WB to helm a comic book movie - "You know, I'm talking to Warner Bros. about doing a franchise based on a comic that hasn't been around since the 60s. But it's too early to talk about it. But possibly, yes.". There was plenty of speculation as to what that project might be, but now Vulture seem to have found out..

While the Men in Black 3 director has been circumspect about just which sixties comic book he’s adapting at Warner Bros., our spies tell us that Sonnenfeld has actually attached himself to DC Comics’ The Metal Men series.

Who are The Metal Men? According to good ol Wikipedia they were introduced in the comic book Showcase #37 as advanced artificially intelligent robots. Created by scientist Dr. William "Will" Magnus, the six robots were field leader Gold, strong man Iron, slow-witted and loyal Lead, hot-headed Mercury, self-doubting and insecure Tin, and Platinum (also called "Tina"), who believed she was a real woman and was in love with her creator. The group's personalities mirrored their namesake metals, being dictated by devices called "responsometers". Each Metal Man also possessed abilities that reflected the traits of their namesake metal: Gold could stretch his form almost infinitely, Iron was super strong, Lead could block harmful radiation by morphing into thick shields, Mercury could melt and pass through small spaces before reforming and Platinum could stretch or flatten.

Gotta say, even though I was hoping for a more well known property, that does sound like it could be pretty cool. Even if you are not familiar with the comics, the team popped up in animated form in a couple of episodes of Batman: Brave And The Bold as well as a small cameo in Justice League: New Frontier. What do you guys think? Could you get behind this one?

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