What's for dinner? *Spoiler Alert*

What's for dinner? *Spoiler Alert*

Who's on the menu at the Joker's Bat Reunion?

So for those of you following the Death of the Family story arc, the ending panel for each comic has seen the Joker holding a covered dish with something so disgusting it makes some of Batman's toughest villains cringe at the site. So what is it?

Well I honestly think it's none other than Jim Gordon. Joker has been going after each of the BatFamily members for the last several issues. He messed with Jim at the beginning of the story arc and to my knowledge Jim hasn't made an appearance in any other issues since. It could just be that he's not being featured in the series, but seeing as everything the Joker is doing has a meaning, I'm thinking it's because he got him. He's got each of the members attending his little farce and Alfred is serving. Jim is one of Batman's first allies in the comics so you know Joker has to have a place for him in all this. And seeing as he has no need for another butler. I think Jim may be the main course.

Just my thoughts on that.

Also, we have heard that something big is coming in Batman #17 where it all comes to an end. I think it's the Death of the Joker and hoping I am right. Now many Batfans may consider this blasphemy but here me out.

Joker is and always has been a great villain, but after decades of jokes and gags, he seems to be out of laughs. He's overused and completely lost it (as odd as that is to say). Joker used to do some pretty sick things, but this is just way over the top. Killing Robin was one thing, but this. An all out assault on the BatFam, and his sick new expression of love towards Batman, it's just too far.

Also, Joker's presence hinders Batman's series from ever progressing in my opinion. Joker needs Bruce's Batman, and Bruce's Batman is the only one who can really handle the Joker. Joker's death gives a possible segue into a mantle passing at a later point and a little bit more of a push towards new villain ideas given that the most used villain is now deceased.

I also think it Bruce should be the one to finally end it. He's danced with the idea so many times and has felt responsible for the Joker since his first appearance. I think it's a coming full circle kind of ending for the Joker. Batman needs to end it. The final punchline.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this as well guys. If you haven't been following this, you should pick it up from the beginning. It is a great story arc. One of the best I have read in many years. A must read for all Batman Fans.
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