Will MAN OF STEEL Impact DC's SUPERMAN Comic Books? Scott Snyder And More Reveal All!

Will MAN OF STEEL Impact DC's SUPERMAN Comic Books? Scott Snyder And More Reveal All!

Scott Lobdell (Superman), Scott Snyder (Superman Unchained), Greg Pak (Batman/Superman) and Andy Diggle (Action Comics) all share their thoughts on the impact that Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan's Man of Steel movie will have on their comic books when it finally hits the big screen later this year.

To mark the release of Man of Steel this June, DC will be launching Superman Unchained from Scott Snyder and Batman/Superman from Greg Pak. Scott Lobdell will continue to pen Superman, while Andy Diggle will take over Action Comics from current scribe Grant Morrison next month. Talking to Comic Book Resources about their respective series', each of the writers was asked to share their thoughts on how they believe the movie will impact how they approach these comic books and whether the release of the reboot will affect readership for the comics.

Andy Diggle On Action Comics:

"I'm obviously hugely honored that they asked me to write "Action" at all, but I think I'm just very, very lucky to be stepping into to it to start a completely new run right before the movie is about to hit. I think my first issue comes out a month before the movie, or something like that. On one hand, it's very flattering; on the other hand, it's slightly terrifying because it puts it under a big spotlight. If I make any mistakes, I will be making them in public."

Greg Pak On Batman/Superman:

"The nice thing is that all of these books are at a place where anybody can jump in, which is a great place to be when a movie comes out. Hopefully, folks that are excited about the movie will step right and jump into the comics. They are thoroughly accessible and will give folks that are interested in Superman many different opportunities to find one they love."

Scott Lobdell On Superman:

"I can only speak for me, but I think all we know about the movie is what's in the trailer. [Laughs] Unless somebody has an inside scoop that I don't know about."

Scott Snyder On Superman Unchained:

"They really haven't given us any marching orders to steer clear of anything or to use anything. We've been left to our own devices, I think."

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